Was the WTC 7 pulled?


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Last updated:  07/28/2008

A perfect implosion...


Doesn't the collapse of the 47 story WTC 7 look like a controlled demolition?


"For the third time today, it's reminiscent of those pictures we've all seen too much on television before when a building was deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down." - Dan Rather, CBS News (09/11/01)


Video:  WTC 7 vs. Controlled Demolition

implode - To demolish (a building) by causing to collapse inward.

implosion - The inward collapse of a building that is being demolished in a controlled fashion by the weakening and breaking of structural members by explosives.

demolition - The act or process of wrecking or destroying, especially destruction by explosives.





Eyewitness account by Barry Jennings who reports that explosions went off in the WTC 7 both before and after the Twin Towers collapsed and how the WTC 7 lobby was blown out.

(Original interview:  Loose Change)

The scene at the Trade Towers
"After the initial blast, Housing Authority worker Barry Jennings, 46, reported to a command center on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center. He was with Michael Hess, the city's corporation counsel, when they felt and heard another explosion. First calling for help, they scrambled downstairs to the lobby, or what was left of it. "I looked around, the lobby was gone. It looked like hell," Jennings said." - Traverse City Record-Eagle (09/11/01)

Terrorist attack collapses World Trade towers, shakes the nation
"Eight hours after the morning crashes, fire was raging at adjoining 7 World Trade Center, eventually causing its collapse at about 5:20 p.m. The evacuated building was damaged when the tower above it collapsed Tuesday morning.
City Housing Authority worker Barry Jennings, 46, was in a city command center on the 23rd floor of a neighboring Trade Center building during the second explosion.
He and city Corporation Counsel Michael Hess made it downstairs, where the lobby was just gone. "I thought I was dead," Jennings said. "It looked like hell." - Boston Globe (09/11/01)






Is it just a coincidence that both CNN and BBC reported that the WTC 7 had collapsed 55min and 12min before it actually did?

Watch Video

CNN reporter Aaron Brown:  "Building 7, in the WTC complex, is on fire and has either collapsed, or is collapsing... Rose Arce, one of our producers who has been slowly and diligently making her way to the building described the fires she saw in the areas of the Towers themselves and clearly those fires continue to burn at about 4:15 eastern daylight time -- today.(Note that the WTC 7 collapse at about 5:20 EST.)

Watch Video


"The BBC reported the collapse of the tower before it actually happened and then lost those key tapes... Tower 7 didn't collapse for another 12 minutes" - BBC 'Conspiracy Files'





Why was there hardly any mention of this unprecedented collapsing of this huge skyscraper in the news on or even after 9/11?

"Almost lost in the chaos of the collapse of the World Trade Center is a mystery that under normal circumstances would probably have captured the attention of the city and the world. That mystery is the collapse of a nearby 47-story...Building 7 didn't get much attention in the media...within the structural engineering community, it's considered to be much more important to understand," said William F. Baker, a partner in charge of structural engineering at the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. "They say, `We know what happened at 1 and 2, but why did 7 come down?' "-New York Times (11/29/01)





Notice how the WTC 7 begins to fall in on itself just like a classic implosion...

The Red line indicates the location of the "kink" or fault line.  (This graphic has been flipped upside down.  Graphic source:  FEMA)


Left photo: Black dotted line represents to top of the building when it was level.  Red dotted line shows that the WTC 7 collapsing in on itself.  (Photo source:  FEMA)


(Video. Download gif. Source:  CBS/TNN)


" appears that the collapse initiated at the lower levels on the inside and progressed up..." -FEMA: WTC Study, Chp 5 (05/02)

(Graphic source:  HowStuffWorks.comDownload.)


(Video. Download gif.  Source:  ABC)

(Video. Download gif. Source:  NBC)


"When the excitement of the blast is over, a large, billowing cloud of dust is one of the most identifiable characteristics of a successful project."


See also WTC 7 collapse videos.




What are the odds that a fire could implode the east mechanical penthouse on top of the WTC 7 before it implodes the rest of the building?

East penthouse on the top left side imploding.  Note that the WTC 1 & 2 were behind the WTC 7 in this pic.

(Download gif.)

East Penthouse atop the WTC 7.  WTC 1 partially shown on left. 

(Photo source:

"5:21:03 p.m. Approximately 30 seconds later, Figure 5-21 shows the east mechanical penthouse disappearing into the building. It takes a few seconds for the east penthouse to "disappear" completely." - FEMA (05/02)





Isn't it interesting that the collapse of the WTC 7 was described as a "classic progressive collapse" which is similar to how demolition companies sometimes try to make buildings collapse that they are hired to demolish?


"If it remains viable upon further analysis, the working collapse hypothesis for WTC 7 suggests that it was a classic progressive collapse..." -NIST



"CDI’s design created a progressive collapse which accelerated as it moved through the length of each structure. The buildings, up to 300 ft in length in some cases, fell quickly and CDI’s preparation design resulted in superb breakage which will facilitate the fast-track debris removal required by ODDC to meet the site clearance schedule."


"Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s (CDI's) international experience with products of the world’s explosives manufacturers, and the paralleled knowledge of the intentional inducement of progressive collapse, positions our groups perfectly to assess the risk of terrorists activities adjacent to existing structures. Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s in-house explosive and anti-terrorist database provides information necessary to respond to questions raised by the most discerning of clients on an absolutely confidential basis." -Controlled Demolition Inc


(See more about the company Controlled Demolition Inc below.)






Look how much taller the WTC 7 is and how close it is to it's neighboring buildings and remember that the collapse of the 1st and 2nd towers destroyed the WTC 3 and heavily damaged the 4, 5, and 6 buildings, but hardly damaged the WTC 7...









In this aerial view showing just how close the WTC 7 was to the surrounding buildings, was it pure luck that a fire brought down the WTC 7 without destroying or critically damaging the Verizon, Federal, and Fiterman Hall buildings and why didn't these other buildings catch on fire from the 1 and 2 towers falling on them and collapse as the WTC 7 did hours later? 



140 West Street
Also known as the Verizon Building, this 34-story Art Deco masterpiece was punctured on its south side by North Tower debris, and suffered severe structural damage on the east side's base when World Trade Center 7 collapsed.

Federal Office Building and Post Office
Located at 90 Church Street, this building suffered extensive window damage and some structural damage when part of a plane's landing gear landed on the roof.

Fiterman Hall
The southern portion of this 17-story building, part of the City University of New York, was destroyed by the collapse of World Trade Center 7.


"One of the closest neighbors to the WTC site, the 30-story Verizon building, is a steel-framed brick building constructed circa 1924.
The façade, floors, and framing of the south and east sides of the building sustained heavy damage, as did several exterior columns. Although the framing deflected as much as 2 ft into the building, the masonry infill restrained the columns from collapse. The steel structure was not affected. None of the damage threatened the structural integrity of the building. And although there was a substantial fire in WTC 7, there were no fires reported in this building." -Portland Cement Association




Aren't the odds just simply too astronomical that if the fire could weaken the support structures of the WTC 7 enough to fail, that it happened to cause the building to collapse inwards and fall straight down on it's own footprint just like a controlled implosion is designed to do?



"...when you need to bring down a massive structure, say a...skyscraper, you have to haul out the big guns. Explosive demolition is the preferred method for safely and efficiently demolishing larger structures. When a building is surrounded by other buildings, it may be necessary to "implode" the building, that is, make it collapse down into its footprint." -





Doesn't the fact that the WTC 7 did collapse on it's own footprint and caused relatively little damage to the surrounding buildings gives strong support to the theory that it was imploded by demolition?  Just look how FEMA describes the collapse:

"The debris generated by the collapse of WTC 7 spread mainly westward toward the Verizon building, and to the south. The debris significantly damaged 30 West Broadway to the north, but did not appear to have structurally damaged the Irving Trust building at 101 Barclay Street to the north or the Post Office at 90 Church Street to the east. The average debris field radius was approximately 70 feet.
The collapse of WTC 7 was different from that of WTC 1 and WTC 2, which showered debris in a wide radius as their frames essentially "peeled" outward. The collapse of WTC 7 had a small debris field as the facade was pulled downward, suggesting an internal failure and implosion." -FEMA: WTC Study, Chp 5 (05/02)



WTC 7 after it collapsed. 

(Click photos for source.)





Is it just a coincidence that one of the companies hired to clear away the WTC debris is an implosion consultant company called "Controlled Demolition, Inc."?

"Waste Industry, Others Help with Cleanup at World Trade Center Site
Implosion consultant Controlled Demolition Inc. (CDI), Phoenix, Md., has reported that it could take up to 14 months to remove all of the debris. New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has estimated that cleanup could take up to one year.
Total estimated cost for cleanup and rebuilding is $39 billion." -Waste Age (11/01/21)

"Controlled Demolition Inc. (CDI) has developed a plan that may be used to clean up the World Trade Center (WTC) disaster. The plan, delivered on Sept. 22 to the city's Department of Design and Construction, outlines a site-wide master plan." -Waste Age (10/16/21)

"As hope of finding survivors dims more than two weeks after the Sept. 11 attack on New York's World Trade Center, officials and contractors are concentrating new efforts on debris removal.
The core of what may become the cleanup master plan for the wrecked site in lower Manhattan was delivered to the city's Dept. of Design and Construction Sept. 22 by implosion consultant Controlled Demolition Inc., Phoenix, Md.
CDI was initially retained by Tully Construction Co. Inc., one of the site's four main cleanup management contractors, to assess debris removal in its sector that includes the former Two WTC and several smaller buildings. The site's other contractors have also agreed to CDI's involvement, with the goal of creating a site-wide master plan, says one contractor executive.
Conventional demolition of 5 WTC is not possible currently because it would get in the way of debris removal operations for the collapsed 7 WTC, which itself is a stand-alone operation.
Freestanding sections of the towers can "probably" be pulled over using cables and heavy equipment, says CDI.
To accelerate steel removal, Weeks Marine Inc. has created two steel offloading areas that ramped up operations last week to transport debris by barge for recycling.
Business was slow at first as truckdrivers maneuvered through the site and city streets and had to pass muster with fbi officials checking for evidence. One site source says security was beefed up after some drivers sold steel privately to scrap dealers.
Wittich says the city has awarded contracts to two private scrap dealers to handle 50,000 tons of steel. The rest is expected to be used to create offshore artificial reefs or head for "upland" disposal." (10/1/01)

About Controlled Demolition, Inc.

A two thousand ton skyscraper collapses like a house of cards, crumbling in on itself  - a waterfall of well-fractured steel and concrete debris. It lasts only seconds, and buildings within a few meters stand untouched. The very essence of Controlled Demolition, Inc. is in our name: CONTROL.

Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s (CDI's) international experience with products of the world’s explosives manufacturers, and the paralleled knowledge of the intentional inducement of progressive collapse, positions our groups perfectly to assess the risk of terrorists activities adjacent to existing structures. Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s in-house explosive and anti-terrorist database provides information necessary to respond to questions raised by the most discerning of clients on an absolutely confidential basis.

Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI) has the appropriate experience and expertise to assist Department of Defense (DOD) agencies and contractors in demolition operations on sensitive projects, domestically and internationally. Through the support of our international network of offices and agent relationships, Controlled Demolition Incorporated can respond promptly for defense-related consulting and performance requests on short notice.
Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI) has the appropriate clearances and internal controls to support federal agencies involved in domestic or foreign investigations which involve the gathering of criminal evidence critical to our precepts of due process.

Alfred B. Murrah Federal Building - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
As the initial rescue operations continued, General Services Administration, the owner of the Murrah Building, contacted Robert Hill, Vice President of the Dallas-based structural engineering firm, Brockette, Davis & Drake and Mark Loizeaux, President of Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) of Phoenix, Maryland to evaluate the integrity of the structure and to identify the extent of demolition required for that portion of the structure which did not fail in the initial collapse. Robert Hill quickly determined that the main tower of the Murrah Building was damaged beyond repair and that the safest methodology for demolition of the damaged structure was implosion.
At 7:00 am on Wednesday, May 24, 1995, the remains of the building that was the target of America's deadliest domestic terrorist attack crumbled neatly in seven (7) seconds. The results of the implosion surpassed expectations. The Murrah Building fell as planned..."

"Turner Construction Company (TCC), retaining the services of Loizeaux Group International to consider the demolition options for the removal of the implosion solution was considered to be the best and safest means of demolishing the structure.
TCC negotiated with Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) to design the implosion of the Kingdome in a fashion which would mitigate the demolition’s impact on the community while supporting the fast-track construction of the replacement stadium..." -CDI

"Turner Construction Corp.'s completion of Seven WTC demolition will soon end its role as a quadrant prime contractor..." (11/08/01)

Tallest Building Demolished
"Controlled Demolition Inc. of Phoenix, Maryland, USA, demolished with explosives the 25-story, 150-m. (439-ft.) tall Hudson Building in Detroit, Michigan, on October 24, 1998. The building had a capacity of 62,297 m³ (2.2 million ft³). The company is responsible for 70% of all worldwide demolitions that use explosives. Owned by the Loizeaux family, and the first company to use explosives for demolition, Controlled Demolition has operated for more than 50 years and has a presence on six continents." -Guinness World Records

Largest Demolition
"On 26 May, 1972, the 21-storey Traymore Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, was demolished by Controlled Demolition Inc of Maryland. The 600-room hotel had a capacity of 181,340 cubic meters (6,403,926 cubic feet). Controlled demolition is responsible for around 70% of worldwide demolitions using explosives."
-Guinness World Records






Was Controlled Demolition Inc’s "DREXS" technology used at the WTC?

"Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s implosion capabilities and DREXS (Directional Remote Explosive Severance) System facilitate the demolition or dismantling of all types of steel and concrete facilities to provide the safe, expeditious and cost-effective removal of industrial structures." -CDI

"Our DREXS (Directional Remote Explosives Severance) systems are engineered and applied to segment steel components into pieces matching the lifting capacity of the available equipment. State of the art, proprietary underwater blasting techniques guarantee fragmentation of concrete and masonry piers to removal limits, and maximize efficiency of debris removal." - CDI-UK

"CDI’s international affiliate, CDI UK, Ltd. acted as a subcontractor to CDI for implosion preparation supervision and explosives-handling operations." -CDI

"Using its DREXS (Directional Remote Explosive Severance) System, Controlled Demolition Incorporated segmented the spans into 300 ton sections which matched the lifting capabilities of Tidewater's equipment." -CDI

"A May 30 ceremony will mark the end of the cleanup and recovery work at the World Trade Center site, as the last heap of Sept. 11 debris is removed, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Thursday.
The excavation will be completed three months ahead of what city officials had predicted, and will have cost about $750 million — about one-tenth of the initial estimate of $7 billion." -CBS (05/16/02)






Was it just a coincidence that the wreckage from the WTC 7 was removed before investigators had a chance to examine it at the scene to help determine the cause of failure?

Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters 13

"Jonathan Barnett, PhDNormally when you have a structural failure, you carefully go through the debris field looking at each item -- photographing every beam as it collapsed and every column where it is in the ground and you pick them up very carefully and you look at each element.  We were unable to do that in the case of tower 7.

Narrator:  The wreckage from tower 7 was mingled with the debris from the other destroyed or damaged buildings.  It was removed from the site, so rescue and recovery efforts could continue." - History Channel / Modern Marvels [Video:]






Who were the tenets of WTC 7?

Building: 7 World Trade Center

Tenant Floor Industry




Department of Defense (DOD)



IRS Regional Council

24, 25


Mayor's Office of Emergency Mgmt



Federal Home Loan Bank


Financial Institutions

First State Management Group, Inc



ITT Hartford Insurance Group



NAIC Securities



Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)





Securities & Exchange Commission


Financial Institutions

Standard Chartered Bank


Financial Institutions

U.S. Secret Service



Provident Financial Management


Financial Institutions

American Express Bank International


Financial Institutions

Salomon Smith Barney


Financial Institutions

-Compiled from CNN & FEMA

"In the wake of the World Trade Center (WTC) towers' collapse, OEM [NYC Office of Emergency Management] lost its command post at 7 WTC. While the agency maintained a field presence from the initial moments of the attacks through last load ceremony in May 2002, rebuilding the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was key to effectively coordinating the WTC disaster response and recovery effort."

"Government offices also were located throughout the complex; Secret Service agents traveling with President Bush say about 200 agents were stationed in the World Trade Center office." -Pulitzer/Wall Street Journal (09/12/01)





Is it just a coincidence that there was a secret CIA site in the WTC 7?

Secret C.I.A. Site in New York Was Destroyed on Sept. 11

"The Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine New York station was destroyed in the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center, seriously disrupting United States intelligence operations while bringing the war on terrorism dangerously close to home for America's spy agency, government officials say.
The C.I.A.'s undercover New York station was in the 47-story building at 7 World Trade Center, one of the smaller office towers destroyed in the aftermath of the collapse of the twin towers that morning. All of the agency's employees at the site were safely evacuated soon after the hijacked planes hit the twin towers, the officials said.
The intelligence agency's employees were able to watch from their office windows while the twin towers burned just before they evacuated their own building.
Immediately after the attack, the C.I.A. dispatched a special team to scour the rubble in search of secret documents and intelligence reports that had been stored in the New York station, either on paper or in computers, officials said. It could not be learned whether the agency was successful in retrieving its classified records from the wreckage.
A C.I.A. spokesman declined to comment.
The agency's New York station was behind the false front of another federal organization, which intelligence officials requested that The Times not identify. The station was, among other things, a base of operations to spy on and recruit foreign diplomats stationed at the United Nations, while debriefing selected American business executives and others willing to talk to the C.I.A. after returning from overseas.
But United States intelligence officials emphasize that there is no evidence that the hijackers knew that the undercover station was in the World Trade Center complex.
The agency is prohibited from conducting domestic espionage operations against Americans, but the agency maintains stations in a number of major United States cities, where C.I.A. case officers try to meet and recruit students and other foreigners to return to their countries and spy for the United States. The New York station, which has been led by its first female station chief for the last year, is believed to have been the largest and most important C.I.A. domestic station outside the Washington area.
The station has for years played an important role in espionage operations against Russian intelligence officers, many of whom work undercover as diplomats at the United Nations. Agency officers in New York often work with the F.B.I. to recruit and then help manage foreign agents spying for the United States. The bureau's New York office, at 26 Federal Plaza, was unaffected by the terrorist attack." -New York Times (11/04/01)


CIA office near World Trade Center destroyed in attacks

"A CIA office operating at 7 World Trade Center was destroyed when the building came down after planes crashed into the twin towers, a U.S. official has confirmed to CNN.
The official said the destroyed CIA office was engaged in counterterrorist and counterintelligence operations. "We're relocated, and we're in operation," said the official.
Officials looked for documents to make sure none had scattered, and that they have "no reason to believe" any materials got into the hands of the "wrong people," the source said.
The official would not discuss precisely what type of activities were conducted at the undercover office. The New York Times reported that the office "was, among other things, a base of operations to spy on and recruit foreign diplomats stationed at the United Nations, while de-briefing selected American business executives and others willing to talk to the CIA after returning from overseas."
The official said no CIA employees were killed in the collapse of the building. 7 World Trade Center was one of a number of smaller buildings in the area that were destroyed after the twin towers collapsed." -CNN (11/04/05)





Did the collapse of the WTC 7 benefit corporations who were being sued by the SEC?

"Aimed at the world's financial heart, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were designed to throw capitalism into chaos. In one respect they succeeded: Millions of crucial documents were vaporized in the tragedy, and the process of sorting the losses out has been difficult and has included charges of opportunism.
A Citigroup lawyer, for instance, recently told a congressional committee looking into the bank's role in the WorldCom mess that she couldn't provide them with all the information they sought because some of it was destroyed in the attack on the World Trade Center.
"Some further email records the committee has requested cannot be retrieved," wrote Citigroup Deputy General Counsel Jane Sherburne in an Aug. 7 letter to House Committee on Financial Services. "The backup tapes for external emails from September 1998 through December 2000, and for a short time period in September 2001, were lost when the building in which they were stored (7 World Trade Center) was destroyed in the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001."
Maybe no financial institution lost more critical documents than the Securities and Exchange Commission, which had its New York regional office at 7 World Trade Center. While the regulatory agency was fortunate in that it lost no employees in the terror attacks, it suffered setbacks in a number of long-running securities investigations.
In August, defense lawyers for several former executives of Rite Aid, who've been charged by the SEC with fraud and obstruction of justice, filed a motion seeking a delay in the trial, claiming some of the documents gathered by the SEC had been lost in the attack. SEC attorneys contend many of the original copies of those documents still exist at other locations but acknowledge it will take time to reconstruct all the evidence in the case.
The SEC says the main problem it encountered was that an index for the documents in the Rite Aid case was destroyed in the attack -- not necessarily the documents themselves.
A similar reconstruction of evidence had to take place in a decade-old insider trading case against several former executives of Motel 6, a chain of low-cost motels. The SEC settled the case against the remaining defendants in June. But before that could occur, it had to obtain a court order directing the lawyers for some of the defendants to assist the SEC in reconstructing files "that were destroyed due to the events of Sept. 11, 2001."
In the Motel 6 case, the four remaining defendants, without admitting or denying the insider-trading charges, entered into a settlement with the SEC in which they agreed to pay fines and penalties totaling $798,000. In all, the 10-year case netted $6.36 million in fines, penalties and disgorged profits for the SEC.
SEC officials won't discuss how many cases may have been impacted by the terror attacks, but they claim the lost information was limited to two weeks' worth of data stored on the agency's computers that hadn't yet been backed up.
But it's clear from talking to securities lawyers who practice before the SEC that things haven't gone as smoothly as the agency would like the public to believe.
"Regardless of what the regulators say, they lost a ton of files," says Bill Singer, a New York securities lawyer, who says one case he had pending before the SEC quickly settled because so many of the original documents were destroyed. "In my opinion it was a wholesale loss of documents." (9/09/02)

"As the day progressed, fires were observed on the east face of the 11th, 12th, and 28th floors. The Securities and Exchange Commission occupied floors 11 through 13." -FEMA: WTC Study, Chp 5 (05/02)

"Despite calls for more overall planning of the WTC site, Larry Silverstein is pushing ahead with plans to start construction to rebuild No.7 World Trade Center, which collapsed several hours after the twin towers on Sept. 11.
The building, which was home to a New York Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission and housed Con Edison's power generators for much of lower Manhattan, was constructed by Silverstein in the 1980's,
and was not part of the leasing contract with the Port Authority that covered the twin towers. It's also not part of the dispute with Swiss Re and other insurance companies over whether the collapse of the two buildings was one occurrence or two, which would double any eventual recovery.
According to an article in The New York Times, most regulatory authorities, including the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and the Port Authority, are inclined to support Silverstein's efforts to rebuild No. 7, despite the fact that no overall plan to rebuild the stricken area has yet been adopted." -Insurance Journal (02/26/02)


9/11 testimony censored, Witness forbidden to mention attack in quoting defendant calling destroyed files Symbol's 'lucky break'

"A former executive at Symbol Technologies said the company got "a lucky break when [its] documents were destroyed on 9/11" in the attack on the World Trade Center, according to a government witness in the fraud trial of that executive and two others.
But the jury in federal court in Central Islip never got to hear the witness' entire statement yesterday because the judge overseeing the trial ruled it was too inflammatory to bring a mention of the terrorist attack into a securities-fraud case.
The Symbol records involved had been subpoenaed by the Securities and Exchange Commission as part of a civil investigation into the company finances and were stored in the commission's office in 7 World Trade Center. They were among hundreds of cases of files destroyed when the building collapsed after the attack on the adjacent Twin Towers." -Newsday (01/14/06)





Is it a coincidence that there is a hijacker connection with Standard Chartered Bank who occupied a large part of the WTC 7?



Al-Hawsawi and Fayez Ahmed (#175) Open UAE Bank Accounts

57. On June 25, 2001, Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi used a cash deposit to open a checking account at a Standard Chartered Bank branch in Dubai, UAE.


58. On June 25, 2001, at the same Standard Chartered Bank branch in Dubai, UAE, Fayez Ahmed (#175) used a cash deposit to open a savings account and also opened a checking account.


Fayez Ahmed (#175) Gives Al-Hawsawi Control Over UAE Account

61. On July 18, 2001, Fayez Ahmed (#175) gave power of attorney to Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi for Fayez Ahmed's Standard Chartered Bank accounts in UAE.


Final Preparations for the Coordinated Air Attack

76. On or about August 22, 2001, Fayez Ahmed (#175) used his VISA card in Florida to obtain approximately $4,900 cash, which had been deposited into his Standard Chartered Bank account in UAE the day before.


The Hijackers Return Excess Money to Al-Hawsawi in UAE

91. On or about September 6, 2001, approximately $8,055 was wired from Fayez Ahmed's (#175) Florida SunTrust account to the Standard Chartered Bank account over which Al-Hawsawi had power of attorney.


97. On September 11, 2001, in UAE, approximately $16,348 was deposited into Al-Hawsawi's Standard Chartered Bank account.


98. On September 11, 2001, in UAE, at about 9:22 a.m. local time (the early morning hours of Eastern Daylight Time), Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi moved approximately $6,534 from the $8,055 in Fayez Ahmed's (#175) Standard Chartered Bank account into his own account, using a check dated September 10, 2001 and signed by Fayez Ahmed; Al-Hawsawi then withdrew approximately $1,361, nearly all the remaining balance in Ahmed's account, by ATM cash withdrawal.


99. On September 11, 2001, in UAE, approximately $40,871 was prepaid to a VISA card connected to Al-Hawsawi's Standard Chartered Bank account." -


(*See hijacker connection with SunTrust here.)


(Credit for this go to Valis.)



Building: 7 World Trade Center
Tenant - Floor - Industry

Standard Chartered Bank - 10,13,26,27 - Financial Institutions - CNN





Was Master Special Officer Craig Miller killed inside WTC 7 when it collapsed, or killed outside from one of the Twin Towers collapsing?

More Than Human: The Network is More Than the Sum of its Parts when Disaster Hits

"Bob Weaver, the Assistant Special Agent in charge of the US Secret Service New York Field Office, which includes the Electronic Crimes Task Force, has been practicing for a long time.

The Secret Service offices were on the 9th and 10th floors of 7 World Trade Center, one of several buildings in the WTC concourse, connected to the complex at the base of the north tower so their windows faced the front of the WTC and looked up at the north tower.

“It was totally unexpected, of course, a complete surprise when it happened. We evacuated – which is easy to say but not easy to do when there are 200-300 people in the building on your floors for whom you’re responsible. We needed to seek all of them out to be sure they left safely. That was a coordinated effort – it wasn’t just me, it was all of us, all of the agents in the office. Heroic things were done that day. Great responsibility was taken at great risk, at great sacrifice. We lost Craig Miller, an employee that we still can’t find. His body has never been recovered. People here are still grief-stricken.” -Thieme Works



The New York Field Office lost their office, and a colleague, on September 11th.
The Secret Service New York Field Office was located in 7 World Trade Center, which, along with Towers 1 and 2, collapsed following the terrorist attacks. One employee, Master Special Officer Craig Miller, died during the rescue efforts. Miller was temporarily assigned to New York in preparation for the United Nations General Assembly. Following the attacks, Secret Service employees were some of the first to respond with first aid trauma kits. Special agents assisted local fire and police rescue in establishing triage areas and helping evacuate people from the Towers." -US Treasury Dept.



"The House passed two resolutions today that honor the U.S. Customs Service and the U.S. Secret Service for their work on September 11th and in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

The resolution honoring the Secret Service notes the “extraordinary performance and commitment to service during and immediately following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001" of the men and women of that agency. It notes that “the United States Secret Service New York field office located in 7 World Trade Center was destroyed on September 11, 2001, as a result of terrorist attacks”; agents “throughout the day of the attacks and subsequent days...continually and knowingly placed themselves in exceptional danger in their efforts to save life”; and “in selfless dedication to others, Master Special Officer Craig Miller was lost in the collapse of the World Trade Center.” -U.S. House of Representatives


"When 7 World Trade Center came down on Sept. 11, an agent on loan from Washington, special officer Craig Miller, perished, and the entire Secret Service office was buried in that building. Yet, despite the devastation, the New York Electronic Crime Task Force has stepped up its operations in credit card fraud and for Osama Bin Laden's money." - Ectaskforce [link expired]



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