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NIST and the World Trade Center : Publication










Videos used for the analysis of aircraft impact initial conditions.

© Goodfish Pictures 2001 (Naudet Brothers)

V1 (WTC 1) - Footage taken at ground level at the corner of Church and Lispenard streets. Taken north and east of the towers.

© Paval Hlavel

V2 (WTC 1) - Footage taken from the entrance of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, heading west. Taken south and east of the towers.


V3 (WTC 2) - Footage taken from a helicopter north and west of the towers.

© Michael Hezarkhani

V4 (WTC 2) - Footage taken at ground level near the Castle Clinton Nation Monument. Footage taken south and east of the towers.

© Park Foreman

V5 (WTC 2) - Footage taken from Brooklyn, south and east of the towers.

© Scott Myers

V6 (WTC 2) - Footage taken from the 13th floor of a building in John Street, east of the towers.

© Evan Fairbanks

V7 (WTC 2) - Footage taken at ground level from the corner of Church and Liberty. Taken south and east of the towers.


V8 (WTC 2) - Footage taken from a helicopter north of the towers.


V9 (WTC 2) - Footage taken from a moving vehicle on FDR drive, heading west just before the Brooklyn Bridge. Footage taken north and east of the towers.


























FEMA:  World Trade Center Building Performance Study


Introduction - (fema403_ch1)

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WTC 1 & 2 - (fema403_ch2)

Landing gear from Flight 11.

A portion of the fuselage of Flight 175 on the roof of WTC 5.

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WTC 3 - (fema403_ch3)

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WTC 4, 5, & 6 - (fema403_ch4)

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WTC 7 - (fema403_ch5)

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Peripheral Buildings - (fema403_ch7)

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Aircraft Information - (fema403_ape)



FEMA Photo Library - (Link)




A portion of the fuselage of United Airlines Flight 175 on the roof of WTC 5. - 12390



September 11: Bearing Witness to History - (Smithsonian Institution)

Fuselage fragment

Wing strut found at World Trade Center site.

Seat belt from a crew member’s jump seat on American Airlines Flight 11, the plane that was crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center.

Seat belt in Museum storage

A fragment of a wing fuel tank found at the World Trade Center site shows a thick compound around the nuts, used to prevent fuel leaks.

Fragment of fuselage skin found at World Trade Center site.

Curators encountered the airplane fragments, marked with green paint by the recovery team, piled in a special area of the Staten Island recovery site.

The recovery team marked this piece of airplane fuselage with green paint.



9/11 Digital Archive - (Link)










Military Blackhawk helicopter. - 739



WTC 1 office; 80th floor. - 638



Contributed by: LOUIS J. BRIENDEL
Contributor's location on 9/11: I was 3 blocks away from Ground Zero working on a roof top.
Contributed on: June 17, 2002 -




Louis Briendel, construction worker - (Link)

"Working at the Federal Building [U.S. Post Office], it was our job to hang swing stage scaffolds from the 7th floor setback roof... While moving one of these 7 foot pieces of aluminum I noticed what looked like an airplane part. I picked it up and it had a serial number on it and something in writing "hydraulic piston"... About a half hour later, the Postal Investigator and an FBI Agent came up to the setback roof. I was asked where exactly did I find it and not to remove anything else, especially anything spray painted in yellow paint... I had my camera and headed for the upper roof and I couldn't believe what I saw. There was a large piece of a landing gear and pieces of airplane parts all over the roof. I took many pictures and quickly left the roof... I'm a construction worker and have almost no knowledge of photography, my pictures are real and authentic and have never been altered in any way. - Louis" -



WTC Rescue Worker Photos - (Link)








"Aircraft component recovered from roof of building." -

"AA Flt. #11 Window/Fuselage Section"

"Part of the fuselage from American Airlines Flight 11."

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