New from the makers of  Introducing the amazing new Penta-Lawn 2000! comes the virtually indestructible...


Pentanium Cable Spools!


Made from super strong high grade Pentanium Steel!


The strongest material in the world!


It resists breaking!

Resists Explosions!



It even repels plane debris!




You remember how well our Introducing the amazing new Penta-Lawn 2000! held up right after a hijacked 100 ton Boeing 757 crashed on it at the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001...






Simply Breathtaking! 



Can you ever get enough of that lawn?!



Anyways, can you imagine what would happen if your average cable
spools were left right out in front of that plane's path?

They would be pulverized into a million pieces!

But these aren't your ordinary cable spools, these are...



Pentanium Cable Spools!





Only cable spools made out of our super strong high grade Pentanium Steel
can withstand a 100 ton commercial airliner crashing into them!



This simulation by a leading university shows how low the hijacked
Boeing 757 flew along the ground before it burst into flames...





Holy Cow!



Anything in the path of that Boeing 757 would surely be blown
to smithereens from its massive engines and fuselage!



But a 100 ton commercial airliner is no match for cable spools
made out of our virtually indestructible
Pentanium Steel!





Even the sheer heat from the massive explosion and resulting fire can't melt these spools!









Would you expect anything less from the makers of
the most resilient lawn in the world?!





Nuff said!





And just look at the total devastation at the almost finished renovated
section of the pentagon that was made to be more blast proof...





If only this renovating section was made out of our Pentanium Steel!





Too bad.





So before you order your next cable spools for that important job...





Make sure you order the strongest most indestructible spools is the world...



Pentanium Cable Spools!



Guaranteed not to:





Guaranteed to resist:




Planes crashing on them!



It's even guaranteed to hold up in the event of a terrorist attack!



Made here in the good ole' U.S. of A.!



To ordering your

 Pentanium Cable Spools!

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