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WTC Crash Videos


NOTICE (Dec 24, 2008):

YouTube has shutdown the account that most of the videos below were uploaded too.

Will be trying to find a new video sharing site to re-upload all the crash video.

As It Happened

What the major networks showed "live" on TV.  (Click gifs to enlarge.  Sources:


See:  WABC7

ABC Sept. 11 - 8:31-9:12am

(21:53 - crash @11:54 - Source)

See:  CBS Live 1 & CBS Live 2

CBS Sept. 11 - 8:31-9:12am

(20:33 - crash @10:32 - Source)

See:  WABC7

CNN Sept. 11 - 8:48-9:29am

(37:25 - crash @13:20 - Source)


See:  Chopper 5

FOX Sept. 11 - 8:31-9:12am

(20:16 - crash @10:21 -  Source)

See:  MSNBC Live

NBC Sept. 11 - 8:31-9:12am



BBC just aired the ABC shot.

Local NYC Media Blackout

"NBC anchor now explains why only the major TV networks are on the air:  Local stations are blacked out 'because the antennas are on the WTC'...
Some were knocked off the air, while other local stations just ran the 5 major networks' feeds"

Source:  'Sept Clues' part 7 clip*, full

"An Opcentre is a command facility for strategic communications.
In this always-ready environment researchers can identify target audiences using highly advanced statistical models, strategists can orchestrate campaigns using the most effective scientific methods and media producers have access to innovative production techniques.
These units of expertise combine to create one of the most dynamic and influential ‘weapons' in the world.
An Opcentre puts influence, control and power back into the hands of the government and military, giving them greater power to influence the enemy in time of conflict and enhanced access to their citizens during a crisis. For instance, an Opcentre can be designed to override all national radio and TV broadcasts, allowing the government and military to communicate with the public as the need arises.
The Opcentre is a formidable tool for Homeland Security, Conflict Reduction, International Public Diplomacy and un-mediated Government communications." - Strategic Communication Labs (SourceWatch)


2nd hit

Download Vdownloader (free) to grab any of the videos off YouTube and Google.

Download VirtualDub (free) to analyze videos frame by frame.



"Live" shots

These videos were shown "live" on TV.  Note that "live on TV" is not "live", but rather on a delay.

1WABC 7 (Aired "live" on ABC and CNN)

(Click gif to enlarge)

EuroNews*, youtube


No logo*


***FOX (@ :13);

***youtube (@ :21)

CNN (expired)


News 9 (@ :05)

**ABC*, youtube (@ :25), youtube (@ 7:59)


"V3 (WTC 2) - Footage taken from a helicopter north and west of the towers." - NIST


Didi Klomberg

Note: This video is an admitted fake by a civilian. Look how real it looks.


Note:  Could be another fake by a civilian.  Fireball goes off too early.

Notice you don't actually see the plane crash, but that it disappears behind the building first.  The plane is just a dark object.  The South Tower's view is completely blocked out by the North Tower too.  Also notice that the plane appears to "skip" across the screen.


**[GIBSON: Absolutely, no indication that this could have been related to that. Right.

Don Dahler--ABC's Don Dahler, who is on the scene--Don, just give me some description again of what you're--what you can see now.]

DAHLER: Well, we see--it appears that there is more and more fire and smoke enveloping the very top of the building, and as fire crews are descending on this area, it--it does not appear that there's any kind of an effort up there yet, now remember--Oh, my God!
GIBSON: That looks like a second plane has just hit ...
DAHLER: I didn't see a plane go in. That--that just exploded. I...
GIBSON: We just saw another plane coming in from the side.
DAHLER: You did? I was--that was obscured from my view.
GIBSON: That second explosion, you could see the plane come in just from the right-hand side of the screen...


*** Fox anchorman less than one minute after the 2nd hit: "We just saw on live television as the second plane flew into the second tower of the World Trade Center.  Now given what has been going on around the world, some of the key suspects come to mind; Osama bin Laden."


NewsCopter7 pilot dies when cab jumps curb

"NewsCopter7 pilot Captain Paul Smith was killed when a cab smashed into people on a crowded sidewalk outside a popular restaurant in Midtown Sunday night... Paul was trying to hale a cab. That's when the driver of another taxi lost control, hit a tree and pinned Captain Smith, killing him instantly... No one knew that more than John Dl Giorno, who rode shotgun with Paul in NewsCopter7. Especially during the September 11th terrorist attacks... Viewers rarely saw Captain Paul, but did get a glimpse of him the day he witnessed the crash of a Channel 4 helicopter... In an interview with Eyewitness News, Mohammed Chowdhury insisted last night's crash was an accident that could not have been avoided. He says another car cut him off...  He added, "I didn't realize someone was going to make a wide turn in front of my car." - (10/08/07)


West Islip news helicopter pilot killed in city

"He'd flown helicopters during the Vietnam War, and later in New York City for WABC-TV, as a news pilot, brought viewers close to countless horrific events: the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks... on Sunday evening it was doing something comparatively safe - standing on a midtown sidewalk - that put Paul Smith in harm's way. Police say Smith, 60, of West Islip, and his wife Donna, 55, had just left a restaurant when a taxicab jumped the curb and ran over him... Smith was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center where he was pronounced dead on arrival... Police were reviewing security cameras and investigating the accident, which took place at Third Avenue and East 40th Street. They said the cabbie said he was swerving to avoid another car... The driver, Mohammed Chowdury, told reporters last night he was forced off the road by a black car that cut him off. He had been driving a cab just five weeks, he said... John Del Giorno, whose son also sat next to Smith in the newscopter for WABC-TV, remembered how on Sept. 11, 2001, Smith had calmed his son as they were up in the air when the first plane struck the World Trade Center." - (10/09/07)



2.  CBS Live 1 (Formerly "dive bomb" shot.)

(Click gif to enlarge)


Live shot*

9:10 am*, Joined* (Live & 9:10)

youtube* (close-up), youtube*

youtube*, youtube

Notice this CBS shot switches to a new angle (CBS Live 2) right before impact, then switches back to the original angle.  Notice that the network didn't show the full version showing the plane coming down under the smoke and crashing into the building until at approx 9:10 am, 7 minutes later.

Notice the plane is coming down at a steep angle into the building instead of flying in straight from a long distance like the Brooklyn Bridge shot.

3.  CBS Live 2

(Click gif to enlarge)

Live shot* (no audio)

Second angle of the CBS Live 1 shot.

Notice how dark the background is compared to others.  

4.  MSNBC Live

(Click gif to enlarge)

MSNBC live*





Non-Live 'Live' Shots

These are live shots from local TV networks that were not aired live.


5.   NY1 (New York One) (direct), download

New York One ('plane' not visible)

Notice the male newscaster never mentions, or was told that a plane hit the tower.  He only comments that there is a second explosion coming from the South Tower.    

6.  Chopper 5 (FOX)

(Click gif to enlarge)

Fox 5*

FOX 11*, WF, QQ


Nosed Out - analysis of the Chopper 5 shot by Simon Shack, creater of Septerber Clues.

*youtube (@ 2:50), youtube

Notice the camera is zoomed out really far, then zooms in three times as if the camera person knows something is about to fly into the South Tower, the logo obscures the plane coming in, a "nosecone" appears to exit the building, and then the video shuts off then back on after the "nosecone" exits.

*Audio in the two FOX 11 videos and the left is the same as in this FOX 5 video which does not show a plane, but just the fireball explosion coming from the side.

Kai Simonsen was the reporter in this chopper. (See here too.)

7  WB11

(Click gif to enlarge)


CW 11 WPIX NY    

8  Chopper 4 (WNBC)

(Click gif to enlarge)

Chopper 4*

Notice the object coming in looks much smaller than a Boeing 767.

CNBC*, youtube, WF

A rebroadcast -- notice the male newscaster says: "Ah, so they were big airplanes"


News Chopper Crashes In New York "An NBC news helicopter in covering a shooting Tuesday in Brooklyn crashed on a rooftop, injuring its accidents." - WNBC (05/04/04)



Shadow Planes

The following videos show a "shadow plane," that is a dark object with no discernable markings on it other than being shaped like a Boeing 767.

CBS 9:05 (Aired at 9:05 am.  Formerly "Detroit Public TV" shot.)

(Click gif to enlarge)

9:05 am*

Detroit Public TV*, download

(Click gif to enlarge)

(Click gif to enlarge)

Detroit Public TV version seemingly shows an aircraft suddenly appear out of the sky.  Video has been edited as seen with the smoke from the towers "twitching" as the plane appears and is assumed was edited by the creators.

CNN 9:10 (Aired at 9:10 am)

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, youtube


youtube*, youtube, download


*** 9:19am

*CNN 9:10 & Devin Clark comparison*

***CNN anchorwoman: "Highlight a picture there on the right side, another very big commercial jumbo jet moving towards the other tower of the World Trade Center and there, you see again the explosion taking place on camera for all to see.  Quite apparently, quite specifically designed to do that.  That was at 9:03 eastern.  Cameras were trained on the two twin centers."

*Notice this video looks to be almost the same shot as the Devin Clark shot.

Devin Clark - Professional "amateur".  Formerly "Tina Cart III" shot.

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, **youtube, youtube

  Notice no part of the plane exits the building unlike seen on the FOX 5, Gamma Press, and PAX TV shots.

Contains audio of witness reactions to the hit AND to the collapse of South Tower.  Background news audio is of the FOX Chopper 5 shot.

**This person's YouTube account has only 3 videos uploaded, all of "amateur" 2nd hit videos with audio of people's reactions (see also Tina Cart I and Tina Cart II).

- "DEVIN CLARK FAILS LIE DETECTOR!" - by Shure (link includes phone call to Devin.)

"To check out what I'm working on now visit Thanks, all for your support.
'What I Saw From My Window  (8min. 2001-02): A documentary about the September 11th terrorist attacks and the recovery of ground zero.'" -

"Devin Clark is a large and powerful MANimator! His work is offensive, only in that his ideas are so revolutionary that upon exposure they cause most people's minds to explode...or at the very least lower their I.Q. 20 points. When he is not promoting false knowledge he draws horrible pictures to frighten small children. His masterpieces are smeared all over the television. Comedy Central, MTV, TCM and HBO have all been cursed with his magic. He will draw things. He will make them move. He will curl up in the corner and cry like a baby elk.
Be it comics, film, illustration or animation Devin Clark has a passion for telling stories, and the stranger the better. Devin has been involved with a broad range of projects including work for HBO, MTV, Comedy Central, TCM, and The Cartoon Network applying his design and narrative skills to everything from network graphics to traditional cartoons. His films and animation have been featured in Stash Magazine, Animation Block Party, Rooftop Films, Ottawa Film Festival, Platform, and BDA. He is presently running his own animation shop in Brooklyn where he just completed the first season of his animated web-series, 5ON, for Comedy Central.
CONTACT - p 917.763.7046 -" -

30 years old
United States
Devin's Schools
Syracuse University
Syracuse,New York
Graduated: 2000
Student status: Alumni
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Major: Video Art" - MySpace (cached)


(Click gif to enlarge)*

Notice the video contains a women's scream that is the same scream that came from Tina Cart I.

youtube*, download

Notice no part of the plane exits the building unlike seen on the FOX 5, Gamma Press, and PAX TV shots.


Notice in these video you can see the plane pass between the towers.

"V8 (WTC 2) - Footage taken from a helicopter north of the towers." - NIST

CNN replay

(Click gif to enlarge)



CBS 11 ("Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, download

youtube* (@ :30)

Notice the plane is on a downward trajectory when going behind the buildings, way below where the fireball exits the South Tower, which means the plane would have had to pull up sharply before hitting.  This trajectory clearly contradicts every other trajectory paths on the other videos which are seen going at a downward only or straight path.  Also notice the CBS logo is obscuring the flight path and how the camera seems to be panning to the right just a bit in anticipation to capture the plane.

TechMach ("Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, download
TechMach International, Inc. (TMI)

"TechMach Int., Inc. is conveniently located in the heart of USA. We are located close to New York City and the famous port of Elizabeth conveniently located in New York City Metro area."

Luis Alonso - Amateur. (Formerly "FANTA'DEVS".)

(Click gif to enlarge)




Luis Alonso

"Amateur" video.  Notice that the camera zooms out quickly when the plane is behind the building.

(The name "FANTA'DEVS" comes from the graffiti written on a building seen during zoom-out.)


Ronald Pordy (Professional photographer.  Formally "Citylights".)

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, download

youtube*, youtube* (stabilized)


See also:  The Frozen Fireball

Notice all the vehicles on FDR highway are white.

Freeway Blanc

"About the Photographer
pordyworks represents the work of New York-based photographer, Ron Pordy.
Although largely self-taught, he has studied formally at FIT and The Maine Photographic Workshops.
We are now premiering two new series of images stemming from the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. Many of these images are contained in the permanent collections of the Museum of the City of New York, New York Historical Society and the Smithsonian Institute. However, they have never before been shown to the general public by the photographer and depict the magnitude of the horror and heartbreak of that day as captured from a unique elevated position on the East River.
The first series, entitled "WTC Series I", is comprised of five nocturnal images taken shortly before and after the attacks. The second series, entitled "9/11 Series I", is comprised of five daylight images taken during the attacks.
All of the images contained on this website were captured on film and then digitally scanned for presentation here." -

FOX 5 Marta (formally just "FOX 5")

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, youtube

    A small faint aircraft in the distance on the left-hand side flies toward the North Tower at the same level as the plane flies toward the South Tower.

History Channel (unknown "amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)

combined*, original*

    This shot appeared in three different split parts from The History Channel's: The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction

Jersey Shore ("Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)



Japanese (expired)


This shot is thought to be taken by the dancing Israelis on the Jersey side.  You can see Scott Forbes' apartment hi-rise where he lived at the time.

The video shows the longest trajectory of the plane until it hits the building.  A small dark "UFO" passes in front of the camera right as the plane hits that looks like a bird.

Rocerny ("Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, alt*, source (expired)

source (expired)

"Amateur" video.  Notice that the camera zooms out to check the plane coming in from the right.  Notice you can still hear the sound of the plane after the explosion in the South Tower.  Notice the plane comes in and crashes at a nose-down angle unlike most other of the videos.

(Click pic to enlarge.)

Park Foreman - "Amateur".  First aired: 9/11 at 3:15pm on CNN.

(Click gif to enlarge)

*Stills aired 1st at 3:15pm*

youtube*, youtube

youtube*, youtube,

youtube* (Superstation)


youtube* (@ :15)

Filmer:  Park Foreman

**Park Foreman & Naka Nathaniel comparison*

*Park Foreman said he gave his alleged crash video to CNN around noon on 9/11. His alleged video first aired on CNN at approx 3:15pm, however the network just aired three stills of it instead of showing the actual video.  Aaron Brown says after seeing these stills:  "The anger builds, doesn't it?"

**Notice this shot looks to be the EXACT same as the Naka Nathaniel shot.

"Amateur" video.  Notice how the plane changes color during it's flight and comes in at a downward angle within a short distance from the Tower.

"V5 (WTC 2) - Footage taken from Brooklyn, south and east of the towers." - NIST

Naka Nathaniel - "Amateur".  Multimedia journalist at The New York Times

(Click gif to enlarge)


Naka Nathanial

Mr. Naka Nathaniel, Multimedia Journalist

A multimedia journalist at The New York Times, Nathaniel has toted his cameras, computers and communications gear to produce multimedia features from Alaska to Zimbabwe.

Naka Nathaniel, a multimedia producer for The New York Times, said he considers multimedia journalism to be "much more intimate" than other journalism.

Video looks to be the EXACT same as the Park Foreman shot.

TinaCart I - Unknown "amateur".  First aired:  9/11 on CBS at approx 5:30pm.

(Click gif to enlarge)

5:30pm (1st aired. Source), 5:45pm (1st w/ audio. Source), 7:58pm (longest version. Source)

youtube*, tinacart (source)

google (no audio)

WTC 1 collapse (10:19pm. Source)

Notice the video starts out with the filmers bringing your attention that a plane is about to enter the screen, but keep the camera focused on the towers the whole time.  The camera is not focused on the burning North Tower, but as if they know something's about to come in from the left of the screen.  The location is approx 2.35 miles from the WTC and explosion sound should take approx 11 sec to be heard by the camera, however you can hear the explosion right after the plane disappears into the South Tower. Notice how "over-acting" the people heard in the background sound (Notice the scream of the women is also heard in the WNBC shot).  Someone passes their arm in front of the lens and later walks in front of the camera as if to "prove" the footage is real.  These "amateur" filmers also caught the WTC 1 collapse which you can only hear the women's voice scream, but not as frantic as in the WTC 2 crash video.  Also this collapse video looks very similar to the Robert Clark photos and looks to have only aired once on TV.

Notice video was taken at the same location as the Wolfgang Staehle stills and Robert Clark photos (475 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY).

Brian Gately ("Amateur".  Formally known as CameraPlanet 8:03)

(Click gif to enlarge)



  Notice plane seems to appear out from between the left side of the photo and the twin towers.

7 Days in Sept

Name:  Brian Gately
Age:  54
Job:  Director, Technical Assistance at a credit union non-profit organization
Filmmaker History:  Amateur--slides, home videos, and photos
Gear:  Video 8 camera
The Week:  Shot footage on various days, from a light plane (prior to 9/11), near Ground Zero and from our condo in Brooklyn.
Most Powerful Memory:  Seeing both buildings on fire from our condo and the incredible amount of smoke that was being produced and swept to the southeast by the wind.
Why should people see the film?  It's real.

Fonkoze USA
Board of Directors
Brian Gately – Director
"Mr. Gately joined National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions (NFCDCU) in March, 1997. He has worked with credit unions since 1973, first with cooperatives in Colombia, South America, as a Peace Corps volunteer, and then with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) as an examiner, principal examiner, problem case officer, and as a supervisory examiner for the New York City area, until 1991, when he joined the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU). For two years, he was NCUA’s New York and New England regional CDCU specialist. Mr. Gately won the NCUA’s administrator’s award for organizing five credit unions when he was examiner for the Caribbean area. From 1993-97, he was director for WOCCU’s Bolivia, South America, micro-finance project, and is fluent in Spanish and French. Most recently (2001) he worked with the Central Bank of Suriname concerning developing a safety and soundness program for banks and credit unions. Mr. Gately has a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from the University of Houston." -

Brooklyn Bridge - "Moussaoui shot".  Became public 12/04/03.

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube* (full length)


*Flight path comparison*


*Notice the plane flys very straight instead of coming in at a downward slope as seen in other videos (such as CBS Live 1 and CBS 9:05).  Also notice the speed of the ferry boat going in the opposite direction compared to the plane.  Officials say this video was said to be shot by the "terrorists" under the Brooklyn Bridge.

New tapes on al-Qaida-linked site

"New and threatening messages have been received from al-Qaida. There’s a videotape aimed at American and Saudia Arabian rulers and another that includes what appears to be well-produced footage of the 9/11 attacks — raising still other questions.

The tape also contains what U.S. counterterror experts say may be never-before-broadcast video of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York’s World Trade Center shot from across the East River in Brooklyn. The FBI says it is familiar with the video, which was provided by a friendly bystander.
But that raises the question — how did a tape that was not widely circulated end up on a known al-Qaida site?" - (12/04/03)

Columbine - Unknown "Amateur".  Zoom clue.

(Click gif to enlarge)


DVD*, partial*

Shot featured in Michael Moore's: Bowling For Columbine.

Also at:

Zoom clue.

Notice how video zooms out just as plane is about to hit and the on-lookers are oblivious to the "loud low-flying plane" and only react after the explosion.

Earth Station - Unknown "Amateur"

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, download

    Notice how dark and hazy this video compared to the rest.

Tina Cart II - Unknown "Amateur"

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, youtube

    Notice the "amateur" videographer zooms all the way out seconds before the crash.

Scott Myers (Professional "amateur".  Video producer/editor.  3D specialist.)

(Click gif to enlarge.  Alt.)

youtube* , youtube

(Click photo to enlarge)

(Click gif to enlarge. Flash.)

Filmer Scott Myers.

"V6 (WTC 2) - Footage taken from the 13th floor of a building in John Street, east of the towers." - NIST


Notice camera is on a tripod and no human voices are heard before or after plane crashes.


"September 11th Video - This video was taken by Scott Myers, before, during and after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.  (c) Scott Myers, All Rights Reserved." -


Towers' Strength Not Tested for a Fire, Inquiry Suggests

"In a vivid illustration of how images of 9/11 have advanced the work, he showed how a sophisticated electronic analysis of videos that were shot by a photographer, Scott Meyers, revealed the structural convulsions of the south tower just after it was hit." -


Scott Myers - Filmography
"Jump to filmography as: Writer, Miscellaneous Crew, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Camera and Electrical Department, Art Department, Thanks
Miscellaneous Crew:  1. Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) (archival footage)" -


"Scott Myers - Technical Résumé
518 589-5422 tel,
35 Grays Lane, Tannersville, NY 12485, USA

Summary Applicant has a broad background in social, art and scientific fields. Early work involves... ABC Capital Cities as a camera operator and graphics consultant... Work in New York includes software and hardware development for industry, science researchers, and science museums. Projects involve
the fields of industrial engineering, health sciences, and creating interactive museum exhibits.

Skill Keywords
Executive/Business - Virtual CTO, director of engineering... technology architect... film and DVD production, digital video production and editing.
Technical - Internet development:, Web design architecture
Programming: G (LabVIEW), Java, Perl, Visual Basic, ActiveX, LabWindows, Fortran, Matlab, Mathematica
Environments: LabVIEW, WebObjects, Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Final Cut Pro HD, Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, GoLive CS, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, DVD Studio Pro, OS X Server, InfiniD, Director MX, Douglas CAD/CAM, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Poser, Cinema 4D, Carerra 3D, Nemetschek VectorWorks, Filemaker, Fireworks, PalmOS, Windows, MacOS (Classic and OS X),.
Engineering: Electrical engineering...

Staff Positions
University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Department of Biomedical Communications: Audio Video Engineer, production.
Yale Medical School, Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry:
National Institutes of Health: National Institutes of Neurological and Communicable Diseases and Stroke, Lab Technician.
ABC/Capital Cities: Video Engineer, summer replacement engineer, operated cameras and performed video calibration/color camera match...

Company Information - Desktop Laboratories, New York - Owner
Desktop Laboratories makes virtual instruments for researchers, industry and science education.
Desktop Laboratories occasionally does work under the moniker: NRGN2ART, sic., eNeRGy iN2 ART.

Contract research projects for Science and Industry
Hewlett Packard: 3D human trials
US Navy: 3D position and metal detection software and hardware for use by the Navy in landmine location and surface integrity studies of ship hulls. The hardware and software for this project made sure a technician scanned a complete area of interest, no missing grid portions, and took measurements of events in each grid to detect for landmines or surface changes. Client:  Naval Surface Warfare Center, Bethesda, MD.
AeroNav Labs: Vibration study of military equipment, to meet military specifications.
Götenborg Medical School: software/hardware. Gothenburg, Sweden Motion Analysis Lab. Project involved 3D motion capture and analysis of lower spinal column while in motion.
Columbia Medical School: 3D motion analysis laboratory software/hardware. Project involved designing and creating apparatus to measure time, and travel path to target.

Technical Consultation
ABC/Capital Cities - Training with various commercial graphics packages including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Lecturing Experience
Topics include Mac OS X Server,DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro HD, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop.

Volunteer Work
National Institutes of Standards and Technology: Desktop Laboratories office and residential loft were near the World Trade Centers; A tripod mounted video beginning shortly after the first impact was provided at no charge to the National Institutes of Safety and Technology (“NIST”) at no charge. The video record was used for analysis of building’s structural failure.

Video production, editing" - (PDF) [local]


"Scott Myers

Writer, Miscellaneous Crew, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Camera and Electrical Department, Art Department, Thanks

1. Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) (archival footage)" -



"The story behind how I came into posession of this video is as follows: In the days after the 9/11 incident, I was working as a technical support phone rep for a software company in California. I was contacted by a man with support questions for one of our products and he indicated his address was in New York, New York. I asked him about his personal experience during the attacks and he told me that his apartment was actually right across the street from the World Trade Center buildings. He told me he set up his camera on a tripod on his apartment balcony after the first plane struck.
A few months ago I was contacted by the producers / creators of Loose Change, a documentary about 9/11 which makes claims that the US government was responsible in part or in whole. They were aware of this video and were trying to find out how to get ahold of the gentleman who shot it. I tried calling my old job and having an ex-coworker there track down the address of the customer but they turned up empty handed. I don't remember his name and unfortunately this is the highest resolution version i have." -


"Jeremy Awesomes's Blurbs
About me:  Video editor and print, graphic and web designer. Also a part-time submarine pilot and amateur astronaut in training.

I used to spend my time either at work as a graphic designer, working on various filmmaking projects, at home scheming up ways to take over the world or at the bar trying to pick up women who might want to sleep with me and not steal my credit cards." -

BBC World (Amateur)

(Click gif to enlarge)

hi-res* ('plane' visible)

low-res* ('plane' not visible)


Peter Strid - "Amateur".  Released 11/20/06.

(Click gif to enlarge)

Video*, *Source

(@2:23 -)

Male 1: "Wha, what just hit it?"

Male 2: "An airplane."

1: "Another one?"

2: "Did the, wait, was the first one an airplane?"

1: "No, the first, no.  What was that?  Just now?"

2: "That was a... as far as I could tell, that was a United -- it looked it, I swear, a United airplane that crashed into the side of it."

1: "The one just came in now?"

2: "Yes!"

  Notice the filmer zooms in closer as the sound of a plane approaches.  Notice how either the filmer, or his friend by him, is able to tell that this plane that was supposedly coming in at 590mph was a United Airlines plane.

*This is the footage I took during 9/11. I was working from home when my building shook. At 2:39 you can see the nose of the 2nd plane before it hits the South Tower. Part 1" (Part 2)


Joined: August 09, 2006
Age: 33
Country: United States"


"From Strid House Films comes the long anticipated Trailer for the 2007 film " Conspiracy Theory" Action Packed Ski film" -


"Peter Strid" may be Peter Pilafian: "film video motion picture television hdtv production cinematographer director " -

Peter Pilafian Biography

Clifton Cloud ("Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)


Cloud interview*


Mr. Cloud works for Scharff Weisberg:

"For more than a quarter-century we have been providing audio, video and lighting technology for the staging of live events. Whether you're looking to dazzle the ears, mind or eyes, we've got the latest equipment on hand and the expertise to make it work for you."


Butter Planes

Videos the shows the plane hitting the face of the building and "melting" into the facade.


Michael Hezarkhani - "Amateur"/"Ghost plane" shot. First aired:  9/12 on CNN at 12:15am. - Hot: Mr. Hezarkhani won't disclose shot location!!!


(Click gif to enlarge)

*CNN first airing*

Hezarkhani's voice not heard.

CNN Remembers* alt*, (no sound*)

**7 seconds after impact sound:  "Oh my God!  A plane just crashed into the building.  I cannot believe it!"

CNN logo*

7 seconds after impact sound, "OMG!" is heard.

CNN red*

14 seconds after impact sound the "OMG!" is heard.

WB*, (mirror)

Cuts off 11 seconds after impact without any "OMG!"*, (mirror)

Cuts off 14 seconds after impact without any "OMG!"

CNN Exclusive* (No sound)

ABC* (no sound), (in & out*)

ABC close-up* (no sound)

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stabilized slow* (no sound),

stabilized fast*

This is the infamous 'Evil Face' shot

Filmer: Michael Hezarkhani

"V4 (WTC 2) - Footage taken at ground level near the Castle Clinton Nation Monument. Footage taken south and east of the towers." - NIST

- Notice how the camera zooms out then pans left, then tilts to the right as if the filmer knew where this plane was going to do.  Notice how the filmer doesn't whip around to see what is the loud noise fast approaching him from behind.   See:  Hezarkhunning - 3 more clues...

- Michael Hezarkhani's alleged video is one of only two pieces of footage of the attacks released from the alleged tour boat he was on or from the Battery Park area (a popular tourist spot).  See my video about Hezarkhani's video and Carmen Taylor's photo called  The 2urists.

Notice the left horizontal stabilizer (tail) disappears right before the plane disappears into the building.  Notice the "CNN" logos obscure the view of the crash in some versions. 

*Mr. Hezarkhani's voice is not heard when CNN first aired his alleged video.  Notice that CNN starts to rewind the footage before the time Hezarkhani's voice should be heard.

**A man with a foreign accent is heard saying: "Oh my God! A plane just crashed into the building. I cannot believe it!"  Note that the same "OMG!" from this man is heard at different times after impact in some of the different CNN versions.  See:  "OMG!" - Hezarkhani audio fakery


See also:  Filmer of accused fake WTC crash video won't disclose shot location

Army 'psyops' at CNN - News giant employed military 'psychological operations' personnel - WorldNetDaily (March 3, 2000)

Shizzzham - Unknown "amateur".  Released 10/14/07 on youtube.

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**Crowd (un)reaction*


**Notice the crowd on the streets seem oblivious that a large plane supposedly just crashed into the WTC behind them.

Notice the plane skips across the screen and the filmer is focused on the South Tower (as if they know something is about to happen to it), not the burning North Tower.

*From Shizzzham's youtube account"A new hire from our company captured this while in NY for training. He was on the way to the office and saw one tower on fire and then started filming. In full view you can see the second plane smashing into the second tower. Amazing footage. I wish I remembered the man's name to give him the credit."

Notice this video was uploaded on its left side and only two videos were uploaded to this account only a week before this new crash video, yet this account was created over a year prior:

Joined: July 22, 2006
Age: 37
Country: Japan" -

Mindblower ("Amateur")

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youtube* (full length) - mindblower

"Amateur" video.  Notice you can hear the explosion as it crashes even though the video was taken miles away.  Notice you don't hear the plane approaching even though you can hear car traffic, sirens, and a helicopter. 

On the full length version, you can hear a woman speaking.  However, notice it comes right after an edit and no voices are heard when the crash happens.  Note that she sounds mad, but not panicking or hysterical, no screaming etc.  She also knows it's a "suicide bomber" seconds after the crash:

" this?  How can you do this?  How sick of a mind do you have to be to be suicide bomber, or whatever?  How sick!  For what?"

Evan Fairbanks ("Amateur")

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youtube (expired), youtube* (zoomed)

youtube (expired)

ABC close-up*

youtube* , youtube

*ABC interview*

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(Click photo to enlarge)

Filmer:  Evan Fairbanks

"V7 (WTC 2) - Footage taken at ground level from the corner of Church and Liberty. Taken south and east of the towers." - NIST

Cameraman Evan Fairbanks comments: "It disappeared like a bad special effect." Notice you can see the reflection of the plane on the white van at bottom middle of the screen.  Mr. Fairbanks seems to say that the FBI took his original footage and gave him a copy before Mr. Fairbanks got to see the 2nd plane hit from his camera.

- Shure calls Evan Fairbanks

*40yr old freelance cameraman Evan Fairbanks:  "I suddenly saw a white flash from the left side of the frame and I, and it lasted long enough for me to be able to identify it as a jet.

Could you actually fathom what you were viewing? Not at all. It was very surreal. I felt like I was in another dimension and we weren't even on the same planet.

The image of that plane just coming out of no where, coming into the frame and disappearing into the side, into the south side of the tower as if a floor had been hollowed out and it was a hanger it was just landing in. We've seen these images in movies and we know that it's all artificial and Hollywood makes it and it's hard to put together that it's real this time."

"I called Warner Barnes. After watching the second plane hit the southern Tower, Warner had taken the subway into Manhattan, where he had been watching news from the offices of KSK Films. A little earlier in the day one of KSK’s cameramen, Evan Fairbanks, had burst into the offices, white with dust and escorted by two FBI agents. All three men were visibly shaken. Evan had been shooting beneath the Towers and had footage of the second aircraft striking the south Tower. A dub was made of the footage and given to the agents, then Evan took the master copy to ABC News. Warner said I should come up and see the footage.
Warner and I sat down in the editing suite and he ran Evan’s tape. Of the three different shots used by the major American news networks to show the impact of the second aircraft, Evan’s was by far the closest. He later described himself as the "luckiest man of the whole day"." -

"Evan had been in Trinity Church preparing to shoot a speech by the Archbishop of Wales when the production manager ran into the church and reported the first plane’s collision. Evan ran to a window and saw what looked to him like a Yankee parade – a rain of shredded paper. Grabbing a video camera Evan ran out into the street, where people stood, staring out. The mood in the streets was one of “surreal numbing calm”. When the second plane struck Evan was rolling on the Tower. It looked to him as though the plane had flown into a, “three floor hanger cut out of the building”. The impact was whisper quiet, followed by a low, distant rumble and then a rain of debris. Evan ran and lay under a car until he felt it was safe, and then proceeded shooting again.
Evan eventually found himself in the offices of the FBI at 99 Church St, only four blocks from the flaming north Tower. Almost 30 minutes after nearly being buried in the rubble of the south Tower, Evan watched the north Tower collapse.
"It looked like a cheap miniature model from some cheap film", he said, "It was a non-event because it didn’t fall down on my head." -

"The man who was recording the events with his video camera, Evan Fairbanks, had just emerged from Trinity Church, where he was videotaping the archbishop of Wales.

Over the head of the F.B.I. agent, who clearly does not see what is happening, a plane silently penetrates the other World Trade Center tower. The man's head reels out of the frame as he reacts to the crash. His head snaps back in time to watch the aftermath." - NY Times (11/22/01)

New York September 11
"Evan Fairbanks, now a freelance photographer, was on the stage at the New York Historical society, narrating his 25-minute silent video, which he shot almost thirty years later, on September 11, 2001... He told us he often works in lower Manhattan, and, that morning, he was at Trinity Church, setting up a teleconference with the Archbishop of Wales. All of a sudden, the lights flickered in the studio. When he ran to the window, he saw there had been an explosion at the WTC.
"Someone handed me a video camera and I ran outside," he said. "And it was only after the first tower collapsed and FBI agents conducted me to a safe place, that I stopped shooting. When I told them what I had on videotaped, they brought me to their command center. They have the original, which has five minutes of audio. This is a copy. Sorry there's no sound."
He kept moving closer as other people were walking away. "I felt it was my obligation to keep shooting," he said. The camera was focused on the smoke in the tower and he remembered thinking that it was some sort of an accident and there certainly wouldn't be any more. And, at that very moment there is a good shot of the second plane going through the next tower. There was a gasp from the audience then and I felt my own heart give a little lurch.
I've seen so many films of the incident on television but they were all edited. This was raw footage, with mistakes and all. And it was interesting to hear Mr. Fairbanks talk about all the things that were wrong with the film technically, because he was just too scared to get the audio or the focus right.
Later, I went in to the see the rest of the exhibit, which is entitled "New York September 11 by Magnum Photographers" and will be at the New York Historical Society until February 25. Here, the same video I had seen in the auditorium was showing on a loop. Here, however, the film had been colorized; the copy we saw in the auditorium was primarily in black and white. Also, this second film had been edited, with all those dead spots removed. I watched it for a while, watching again the shot of the second plane going through the second tower. Then I slowly went through the rest of the exhibit of still photography."  -

Spiegel TV (unknown "Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, WF*

Notice the flash on the facade as the nose hits and how the plane seems to melt all the way into the building.

Jennifer Spell ("Amateur" / "Laser dot")

(Click gif to enlarge)

youtube*, google

youtube*, youtube, youtube* (zoom)

Scenes from '7 Days In Sept'*, full video

"Amateur" video of infamous "laser dot" on facade.  Notice camera zooms in just as plane is heard approaching.  Notice on MSNBC video, logo is obscuring the plane when it comes in.

Filmer: Jennifer Spell

"Jennifer Spell is an independent filmmaker from Brooklyn, New York" -

"7 Days In September - MEET THE FILM MAKERS - Jennifer Spell" -

Celluloid Hero: Director Spell Realizes Dreams In Making Maureen Connolly Film
The 29-year-old Spell first became aware of Connolly when she watched a made-for-television film based on Connolly's life. The film proved to be a life-altering experience for Spell.
"The film aired on September 5th, 1978 and my birthday is September 6th...
Directed by Spell, an emerging filmmaker from New York whose credits include the award-winning April In New York" -

"April in New York (2001) - Overview - Director: Jennifer Spell - Writer: Jennifer Spell" -


Amputee Planes

Videos the show parts of the plane missing.

Gamma Press ("Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)

***11 News* (@ :21)

remaster*, youtube

VH1 (expired)

FOX News* (good slow-mo)

"UFO" streaking by.

***Dan Rather:  "...and this is the reverse side of the building.  See the plane actually pierce the building and virtually came out the other side."

Notice the right wing is partially missing, the camera is focused on the WTC 1 and then zooms out just in time to film the plane, and what looks like the intact fuselage is seen exiting the tower, however a close-up photo of where the plane exited the South Tower shows no exit hole.

PAX TV ("Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)


ktla 5* (good slow-mo)

CNN Superstation*

CNN*, download


"V9 (WTC 2) - Footage taken from a moving vehicle on FDR drive, heading west just before the Brooklyn Bridge. Footage taken north and east of the towers." - NIST

Notice the right wing partially disappears right before it hits the building and what looks like the intact fuselage is seen exiting the tower, however a close-up photo of where the plane exited the South Tower shows no exit (formerly PAX)

Also notice the 3 birds flying across the screen at around super fast!

Naudet Brothers (2) ("Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)


Gedeon & Jules Naudet

  Naudet video who also capture the 1st crash.  Notice the right wing tip is missing.

Pavel Hlava (2) ("Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)


Pavel Hlava

"Amateur" video taken by Pavel Hlava who "unknowingly" captured the 1st WTC crash also.  Notice the right wing is partially missing.

Maker of Sept. 11 video sues TV station for airing footage - Date:  September 12, 2003

"A Czech immigrant construction worker who filmed both planes hitting the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 sued a New York television station Friday for airing the videotape without his approval.
Pavel Hlava's federal lawsuit sought unspecified damages against the news station, New York 1, part of AOL Time Warner, and Michael Cohen, Hlava's boss.
Cohen, who had been driving from Brooklyn to Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001, as Hlava made his videotape from the passenger seat, told cable news station New York 1 that he considered anything Hlava received for the ..." -


Maker of 9-11 Video Sues TV Station - Date: September 12, 2003
"A man who filmed both planes hitting the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 sued a New York television station Friday for airing the videotape without his approval.
Pavel Hlava's federal lawsuit seeks unspecified damages against the cable news station New York 1, part of AOL Time Warner, and Michael Cohen, Hlava's boss, who the station said gave it a copy of the tape for free.
Cohen was driving from Brooklyn to Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001, as Hlava made his videotape from a passenger seat. The tape is the only known footage showing both strikes, and one of ... " -

Luc Courchesne ("Amateur" / "Cheney" shot)

(Click gif to enlarge)

short*, slow-mo*, mid-length* full-length*

Luc Courchesne


**The plane in this video was taken out to prove how plane crash video can be manipulated.

Notice how the filmer is aiming the camera exactly where the plane is about to hit.  Notice the left wing and tail disappear before hitting the building.  Also notice the weird color quality.

The Net surfer should be put keeps some vis-a-vis with these on line turned images of Manhattan, the morning of September 11, whereas two planes were embedded in the twin towers of World Trade Center. They can still shock, even if the media showed of it similar multitude of time. Radio-Canada obtained the exclusiveness in these images and the week presented having followed the attacks.
Luc Courchesne, artist in media arts living in Montreal, is in New York this 11 September for the event Quebec New York 2001. Within the framework of this window of Québécois know-how, it must present Montreal Brainware, an event gathering 30 artists. Camera with the hand, it turns of the apocalyptic images of the attacks, the first tower in flames until the evacuation by boat of many New Yorkais and tourists.
One sees the first tower there spitting of smoke. When the second plane strikes the second tower of the WTC, he says to his companion, on an almost impassive tone: "Sacring... Did you see that? "What strikes in this document is calms apparent people. One tries to leave this gray hell without knowing too much where to go. Luc Courchesne will even say: "It is our day of chance, one must turn that and then then..." The horror of what has just arrived them did not strike yet. - | Google search Luc Courchesne: Video Artist and Cheney Hit Videographer -



Presentation by  Shows the underbelly of a helicopter filming the burning WTC on 9/11 which has a WESCAM camera installed which is a highly sophisticated aerial camera system that is able to transmit data in real time and is used by the news and the military.

WTC 2 strike

Animation of Flight 175 crashing. - NIST


zoom clue -  Where the camera seems to zoom in or out at the last second as if the cameraman knows what is about to happen.

*Videos uploaded at TheWebFairy's YouTube site.

Downloadable WTC crash videos:




1st Hit

Download Vdownloader (free) to grab any of the videos off YouTube and Google.

Download VirtualDub (free) to analyze videos frame by frame.

"Blob 11"

The following video shows a blurry object (or a "blob") that we are told is American Airlines Flight 11; a Boeing 767.

1.  Naudet brothers (1) ("Amateur")

(Click gif to enlarge)





"V1 (WTC 1) - Footage taken at ground level at the corner of Church and Lispenard streets. Taken north and east of the towers." - NIST  

Video taken by the Naudet brothers who also caught the 2nd crash.  Notice the aircraft captured on the video is unrecognizable and brief explosion seems to come out of the North Tower before the aircraft hits.

For close-up shots see:  Blob 11, Flying Pig, MissileGate, & Whatzit?!?.

2.  Pavel Hlava (1) ("Amateur")

youtube, youtube

"Amateur" video surfacing just days before 2nd anniversary of 9/11 taken by Pavel Hlava who also captured the 2nd crash.

"V2 (WTC 1) - Footage taken from the entrance of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, heading west. Taken south and east of the towers." - NIST


Rare Tape of WTC Attack Surfaces

"The only videotape known to have captured both planes slamming into the World Trade Center, and only the second image of the first strike, has surfaced days before the second anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Pavel Hlava, an immigrant construction worker from the Czech Republic, shot footage of the first plane hitting the north tower as a sport utility vehicle he was riding in entered the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel en route to lower Manhattan." - Webshots/AP (09/06/03)



A woman is seen and heard shouting this about the aircraft that hit the North Tower: 

"That was not American Airlines!" 

Clip from In Plane Site.

'They don't see no [plane] debris down there' - reaction to aftermath of North Tower explosion.

Simulation of Flight 11 crashing. - Purdue (full video)

See also:  Purdue engineers think wings & tail sections are stronger than steel

WTC 1 strike

Animation of Flight 11 crashing. - NIST


Missed Plane Videos

Videos that filmed the WTC explosions, but missed filming any aircraft that allegedly caused the explosions because of timing, or obstructed view.


Amateur filming near WTC 7 records sounds of the South Tower hit. Films debris falling and after it landed on the ground. Debris seems to be from some building, not from an aircraft.


Amateur filming below the towers just misses the view of the crash.  Voice heard later says "it was a plane."


youtube*, youtube

Video set on a tripod does not show the plane, but records the sounds of sirens and of the explosion, but no sound ever of a plane.  Also notice the flame on the right side of the North Tower shoots out further when the South Tower is hit and the pigeon flies away.

Notice a helicopter comes around the right side just after the explosion.


Video showing man on the street underneath the towers as sounds of a plane comes in and hits the tower.  Video does not capture the crash.



Photos of 1st hit

3.  Wolfgang Staehle (Video artist, internet-art pioneer.)

(Click gif to enlarge)

(Click gif to enlarge)

Faked version

(Click gif to enlarge)

Notice stills were taken at the same location as the TinaCart1 video and Robert Clark photos (475 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY).


"American Airlines Flight 11 (visible in the upper right-hand corner of the photo) approaches the north tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. This largely unknown triptych (the subsequent images follow), shot from a Brooklyn window, was part of an ongoing Internet art exhibition that displayed updated panoramas of downtown Manhattan every four seconds. A time code can be seen in the lower right-hand corner of each frame. Photograph by Wolfgang Staehle."-


"Staehle is a video artist widely acclaimed as a Web-art pioneer" -


Wolfgang Staehle -


Wolfgang Staehle, untitled, 2001


These stills are "new" shots of the 1st hit that just came out, but notice there has been no mention in the media that he actually caught the 1st plane.  These stills are an obvious fake.  The background doesn't even move as the "plane" skips across it until it crashes. Here is the alleged story:


"Artist Wolfgang Staehle inadvertently recorded the 9/11 attacks during his last show." - NY Metro (09/14/04)


Art for a new world Internet-art pioneer Wolfgang Staehle captures our moment

"On the morning of September 11, Staehle, seeing the attack on the World Trade Center towers from the roof of his building on Ludlow Street, called the gallery and asked its director, Magdalena Sawon, to turn the piece on." -

Wolfgang Staehle,, interview, the webcam recording the Twin Towers' end
"Your installation in the Postmasters Gallery was an unintentional live witness of the WTC attack. After the shock days, do you see a philosophical or casual reason of this unique coincidence?
No, I don't see any reason for this coincidence. And I am really not that happy that the work is now frequently discussed in the context of this calamity. The intent of the work is quite different, quite the opposite of this sensational media frenzy. But I also realize that there's no escaping this changed context...
Can you remember of any significant picture that wasn't televised? Anyway could any picture be able to better express the sense of what happened?
The major piece in the show at Postmasters was a dual projection of lower Manhattan. I have this view archived for the whole day of September 11, 2001. From 0 hours to 0 hours. A picture every 5 seconds. And I am not giving it to the media." -


Photos of 2nd hit


1. L. Perez


Notice this photo looks like it was taken at the same angle that the Park Foreman video was. "a police officer's son (L. Perez)" - Sept Clues part 8    

2.  Anthony Cotsifas (Professional Photographer)


601 W. 26TH ST. #1801B, 10001
Fine Art, Editorial
(212) 675-7656
(212) 675-5362

"...Anthony Cotsifas & Patricia Heal of New York City. Anthony & Patricia are Professional Photographers who own their own Studio, Heal-Cotsifas Foto Inc."

Name: Heal-Cotsifas Foto Inc
Address: 601 W 26th St # 1801
City: New York
State: New York
ZIP: 10001
Phone: (212) 675-7656




4.  William Nunez (Director, Writer, Producer, Composer)



Notice 2nd photo looks like it was taken where the 1st photo was.  Also notice the smoke shows the 'evil face' as seen in the Michael Hezarkhani video.

William D. Nunez -

1. Around the World in 90 Seconds (2006)
2. Fear of Man (1995)
3. Full Metal Racket (1989) -

5.  Robert Fisch

911digitalarchive - 515

Contributed by: Robert Fisch
Contributor's location on 9/11: New York City (12th street and 6th avenue)
Contributed on: August 3, 2002

"My name is Robert. I was having breakfast at Joe Junior's in the West Village when a crowd starting to form outside. In short order, we learned the World Trade had suffered some catastrophe. After taking a look at the black gash in the facade of the building, I abandoned breakfast and ran to my apartment across the street and grabbed my camera. It was loaded and ready (I'd just gotton back from Florida several days before).
I snapped a few pictures and saw the second plane in my viewfinder. I snapped it instinctively. I had no idea it was going to hit the south tower."

911digitalarchive - 516

Contributed by: Robert Fisch
Contributor's location on 9/11: New York City (12th street 6th Avenue)
Contributed on: August 3, 2002

"My camera was trained on the towers when the second plane came into view. The picture I took of the airplane should be in the repository.
As viewed from the north, the plane appeared to vanish. When the building erupted in flame, I still had this "disconnect" in my mind and at first refused to believe the plane I'd just seen hit the building. After a few seconds when the sound wave reached us, it was fairly clear that was what happend."


911digitalarchive - 517

Contributed by: Robert Fisch
Contributor's location on 9/11: New York City (12th street and 6th Avenue)
Contributed on: August 3, 2002

"After my first shot of the fireball, I was frozen like I was in a trance. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion.
When the sound wave reached us (it sounded just like in the movies, only not so loud---then again, I was probably 2 miles away) brought me back to reality and I snapped this picture."


911digitalarchive - 518

Contributed by: Robert Fisch
Contributor's location on 9/11: New York City (12th street and 6th avenue)
Contributed on: August 3, 2002

"After the second plane hit, I realized I should be on my roof (21 stories up---with a panoramic view).

Along with several others from my building, we watched in horror as this disaster progressed.

After the first collapse, I had the camera unwaveringly pointed to the North Tower. This was the first picture of the collapse."

Alt source:






8. Rob Howard - Professional photographer

[Popular Mechanics] consulted more than 300 experts and organizations in its investigation into 9/11 conspiracy theories. The following were particularly helpful:  Rob Howard freelance photographer; WTC eyewitness

" At Rector Street and Broadway, a photographer leaned out his window with a medium-format camera and caught the moment before the second plane's impact. Photograph by Rob Howard." -

(Source link contains very large hi-res; 4.5MB.)

Email: Phone: 212.924.4860

Notice the angle of the plane looks as if it is going to fly to the right of WTC 2.

9.  Luke Cremin

911digitalarchive - 1200

Contributed by: Luke Cremin
Contributor's location on 9/11: Brooklyn, NY
Contributed on:
September 10, 2002

"This image just prior to the plane impact with the South tower still, a year later, puts a shiver down my spine. Image taken from Atlantic Basin due South of the site of the WTC. "

911digitalarchive - 1157

Contributed by: [name withheld]
Contributor's location on 9/11: Brooklyn, New York
Contributed on: September 9, 2002

"Images during attack taken from Atlantic Basin by construction superviser."

Notice these two pics were taken from the same location and contributor's location is the same, but they were submitted a day apart and the contributor's name is withheld on the explosion pic, but not the plane pic and they are posted five pages apart on the website.


11.  Robert Clark (Professional photographer)

**youtube (@ 1:12)

**youtube (@ 1:14)

**youtube (@ 1:15)

**youtube (@ 1:16)

**youtube (@ 1:17)

Robert Clark
475 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211 US
Phone: 718-387-7870


  **Photos grabbed from a video compilation.

Notice stills were taken at the same location as the Wolfgang Staehle stills and TinaCart1 video (475 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY).

"Robert Clark is a freelance photographer based in New York City and works with the worlds leading magazines and major publishing houses, as well as on cutting edge advertising campaigns.
His work has won numerous international awards, graced the covers of several magazines, including more than a dozen covers of National Geographic and 40 book covers. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including Time, Sports Illustrated, French Geo, Vanity Fair, Stern, Der Spiegel.
Clark witnessed the attack on the World Trade Center from his rooftop in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. His photos captured the second plane hitting the tower and his four picture series was published in magazines around the world. His coverage on September 11th was recognized at the World Press Awards in Amsterdam. He received a National Magazine Award for Best Essay in his National Geographic cover article, Was Darwin Wrong?
Currently involved with a variety of projects, Clark continues his association with National Geographic as well as a book documenting the birth of the science of evolution. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Lai Ling." -

12.  Kelly Guenther - Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist,,

Notice how perfectly center the plane is between the two skyscrapers. (Warning, site contains porn ad.)

This photo was included with the Kelly Guenther series.  Notice there are trees in it.

"Along with Jeremiah Bogert, the Deputy Assignment Editor, he began to deploy his photographers, as well as handle the volume of phone calls from people making sure that they knew about the incident. As luck would have it, September 11 was Primary Election Day in New York, and so an unusually large number of photographers had been assigned to various locations around the city and in the other boroughs. One of the locations that had to be covered was the Board of Elections Headquarters at 32 Broadway, within close proximity to the World Trade Center. Ruby Washington had been assigned to photograph the activity there, and as a result of her position was at the Towers within ten minutes of the first plane hitting its target.
Wilson's quick thinking also enabled the paper to capture pictures of the second plane's approach and fiery impact into 2 World Trade Center shortly after 9:00am. Without knowing that this plane was on its deadly course he realized that he needed an overall shot of the scene, and contacted Brooklyn stringer Kelly Guenther. Within minutes of the call she was in a position to get this important picture." - (photo right)

"Kelly Guenther is a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Vows, Time, Newsweek, The Knot and New York Magazine Weddings issue." -

Brooklyn Heights, New York


FACES OF 9/11 - Kelly Guenther, New York Times Photographer -


13.  Carmen Taylor ( (


*Notice this photo is almost the same angle as the Michael Hezarkhani video.  See my video on this called The 2urists.

"These photos were apparently taken on 11 September with a Sony digital camera following the initial suicide terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. The photographer captured the impact of the second aircraft... Photo Source: I received these photos via email from my sister at about 4:45 pm on 9-11-2001. I do not know the original source." -

See also:   Who Really Took the Famous Carmen Taylor Photo of the Second Plane?

National Photojournalists Visit UA Fort Smith for Exhibit Opening

"The four visitors joined Carmen Taylor of Lavaca in seeing their photographs hanging in the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center as part of the exhibit. Taylor was on a ferryboat during her first trip to New York and watched the World Trade Center’s north tower burst into flames. She then took the photo of United Airlines Flight 175 as it hit the south tower. Taylor’s photo, which netted her numerous awards, was transmitted by Associated Press and run on front pages of newspapers around the world. The entire exhibit was Taylor’s idea, an idea she presented to UA Fort Smith’s Stacey Jones, associate vice chancellor campus and community events." - (09/08/06)


"Spoke with Carmen Taylor, my gregarious host of the Arkansas leg of this ongoing book tour.
On 9/11, Carmen, a tourist on her first trip to New York City, was waiting in line to board the State Island Ferry for a tour of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. A couple standing in front of her mentioned that their nephew worked in the north Trade Center tower. "Just as she points up there," Carmen recalled, the upper floors of the building seemed to erupt in light and smoke "like sparklers." The first plane, which they could not see because of their position south of the buildings, had just collided with the north tower. "We thought it was an internal explosion, [as if] a Xerox machine went off or something. None of the people in my group thought [it was] anything [serious]."
To occupy her time and her mind while the other tourists spoke among themselves, Carmen took out her digital camera and focused on the buildings around her. Soon, she spotted a plane, which she took to be some kind of military aircraft. She turned her lens toward it and caught the plane at the very instant it entered the south tower.
"Nobody's ever going to believe this," she kept repeating under her breath. Immediately, she felt she had shot something historic and that she needed to share her sequence of images with friends back home in Arkansas. So she approached people in the street, hoping to find someone who might help her upload her photos onto the Web. A complete stranger, Doug Haluza, offered her his office computer. "We were lucky enough to get a phone and an Internet conection," she recalled. Within 15 to 20 minutes of the second plane's attack, she e-mailed her series of images--the plane's approach, the plane suspended a split-second before impact, the resulting fireball--to her favorite morning television program, "40/29" on KHOG-TV, the local ABC/Hearst affiliate near her home in northwest Arkansas.
The news team at KHOG, after asking Carmen numerous questions to confirm the authenticity of the photographs, decided to air her tail-view shot of the aircraft, left wing cocked skyward, the instant before it disappeared into the south tower's facade. Throughout the day, requests from media organizations and wire services would come in from across the country--to the TV station, to her New York hotel room, to her home phone in Arkansas, where her husband, Lynn handled the inquiries. Many of the callers wanted exclusive rights to publish or to "represent" Carmen's pictures. "We're just down-home rural people," he averred. After hours of fielding calls, Lynn hired an attorney to assess the offers and the rights issues. He deferred to his wife, respecting her admonition: "Just don't profit off this."
After Carmen answered what she described as overly "pushy" calls from one newsweekly and one upstart picture agency, she chose to partner with the Associated Press, which promised to syndicate her work in a dignified manner. AP sealed the deal by dispatching a man on a bicycle who, she remembered, arrived at her hotel and asked her to scrawl out her consent, in long-hand, on a stray piece of paper.
Carmen's image would appear on television and on Web sites, and in newspapers and magazines around the world. Over the next two or three years, she would visit Arkansas schools and stand before civic groups, showing her photos and explaining what she had witnessed. But she would soon become disgruntled when listeners seemed disinterested in the events of 9/11. New York, al-Qaeda, urban terror attacks--these topics seemed irrelevant to many of her neighbors living relatively secure lives on the Oklahoma border. "I've spoken to a 20-year-old recently," she noted, "who said, 'What is Ground Zero?'" In response to attitudes like these, she decided to organize and curate an exhibition of pictures about September 11 and its aftermath by two dozen amateur and professional photgraphers. Her show, "Five Years From Ground Zero," opened last month at the University of Arkansas in her hometown of Fort Smith.
Carmen Taylor is now hoping to raise funds to travel the exhibition to other learning institutions in smaller towns so as to inform less-informed Americans about what she calls "the truth of the events." - (10/15/06)


14.  Kathy Cacicedo - Director/Producer/Directory of Photography/Editor/Still Photographer/Graphic Designer

Source unknown.


Notice that the photo is not very good resolution.  There is also a weird small vertical line in the sky in the upper left-hand corner.

Director:  Kathy Cacicedo
-Director/Producer/Directory of Photography/Editor/Still Photographer/Graphic Designer
Kathy holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Syracuse University.  She has run her own company combining her graphic design and photography skills for 15 years.
As a photographer Kathy gained international attention and the 2002 NY Art Directors Club Merit Award for her historic photo of Flight 175 seconds before its impact on the World Trade Center as well as the Best Feature Photo from the Syracuse Press Club for her photo of "The Morning After" - September 12.
Recently she formed the film side of her company, BuenaOnda Pictures.  She produced, directed and shot THE EARRING a short film written by Gregory J. Corrado, as well as a new music video for the Latin group CTO. -



16. Sean Adair - Professional photographer, producer, director, cameraman, editor, interactive digital media/visual effects consultant.

september11news [pic]


Sean Adair
Adair Productions
tel: 212 686-3777
Mobile: 917 701-3595

405 E.13th Street, #5
New York, NY, 10009

"Video Production/Post-Production services and a state-of-the-art High Definition equipment package.
Many clients can envision the completed piece they need, but are looking for an experienced one-stop solution to bring all the elements together with professionalism.
Adair Productions maintains an extensive HD production package and complete editing suite in house, and can handle all phases of a project; from pre-production planning to marketing and distribution.
We currrently focus on High Definition Video production for presentation, broadcast, and direct delivery.

The principal of Adair Productions is Sean Adair, experienced and innovative producer, director, cameraman, editor. With over 15 years in the industry in a diversity of roles and productions, he brings technical prowess and creative expression to every project." -


"Sean Adair has been shooting film and video for over 15 years, and still photography for over 25 years. Born in NYC, educated in New Zealand, and with travel to over 40 countries under his belt, he brings a wealth of experience to every shoot. Producing educational material, documentary, and art films, he is also a hands on director, editor and cinematographer.
His camerawork can be seen in the "Beef" video series, 16mm feature release documentary “Rhyme and Reason”, NBC’s Emmy award winning special “Mystery of the Sphinx”, and hundreds of commercials, documentaries and corporate videos.
Sean's art and journalistic photography have been published internationally, and he also serves as a consultant for many firms in the arcane arts of developing interactive digital media and visual effects."


"Sean Adair Bio:
Sean started shooting with an SLR and multiple lenses at 14 years old, while travelling through 23 countries with his parents. Currently a freelancer and director of a small production company, who shoots and edits pro film and video, he also works extensively with digital manipulation in still and motion graphics; services all available from His photographs have been published in newspapers, books, and magazines around the world. With a background in travel stock photography and as an event photographer, his technical sophistication and eye for innovation have led to a body of truly unique photographic artwork." -


"Sean Adair - Filmography, Cinematographer, Camera and Electrical Department, Sound Department, Art Department" -

Seth McCallister (pdf) (Alt) (yahoo)

"Seth F. McAllister - Filmography: Camera and Electrical Department, Transportation Department, Miscellaneous Crew" -

"About Me:  I am 26 years old, I live and work in Japan with my beautiful wife Hannah. I love learning new things all the time and experiencing whatever life throws at me." -

Russian Pilot



Russian Pilot Making Photos 9/11 Flying Above NYC
"Here is a shocking story of Russian pilot, now living in the USA who was on the air 9th September 2001 and have made photos right from the air when planes crashed the WTC.
He worked at that time as a programmer in one of the dot coms and had some free time which usualy he spent flying Cessna 172SP plane around NYC.
We have this photos today.
Just when he took off he spotted a smoke coming from WTC towers. He was very surprised and headed in that direction:
When he approached to George Washington Bridge he tuned to a local 1010 WINS news radio station. He says that at that time there was news that “a small plane hit WTC”. Then he switched to hear what other pilots flying above Gudson are talking about, but they discussed same thing “a small commuter that hit WTC”.
So little by little he was approaching the Manhattan. He met a few small planes like his Cessna, and pilots were saying something like “Oh man there is something really bad happened!”
He got even more closer and noticed another BOEING 737. He says that the BOEING was flying the same way it usualy does when going to landing from La Guardia destination, probably a little bit lower than usual.
And then suddenly this BOEING 737 changes his course making a very sharp curve, targeting the South WTC tower.
He shot it at the moment it hit the building.
The author of the photos says he doesn’t believe at all that this maneur could be done by some rookie who just graduated from “Florida Flight School”. According to his opinion it was some very experienced millitary pilot making his last kamikaze mission.
After that he decided to find a place to land but all the places around NYC didn’t accept him so he had to fly to NJ and land there.
He hid the camera so that nobody could know he was filming.
Original story on Russian by MAXHO" -


Missed Plane Photos

Photos that captured the WTC explosions, but missed any aircraft that allegedly caused the explosions because of timing, or obstructed view.

Notice the white dot above the explosion in WTC 2.  Is that the white helicopter seen in the previous video?

David Handschuh -

Notice that a large plane that looks very similar to a Boeing 767 is flying above the WTC (left of antenna at top) after the WTC 1 was hit, but before the WTC 2 is hit.

911digitalarchive - 2545

Notice there is small dark object above the burning WTC 1.  Is it a helicopter, or the same plane seen in the previous photo?

Tom Callan:  I was watching Good Morning America when a news bulletin came on saying that a plane had apparently crashed into the World Trade Center. I stared at the image on the screen for about a minute, not believing. My brain finally kicked in and I grabbed my camera bag and ran to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, about five blocks away. Papers, hundreds of them, were floating through the air. As I ran, I switched from a wide angle to a 300MM. From the corner of my eye, I saw a huge aircraft approaching the South Tower at a ridiculously low altitude. As I raised my camera to my eye, the South Tower erupted in a ball of flames.



Misc. Videos & Photos

Scene from Escape from New York, filmed in 1981.

Animation of a 767 impacting a rigid wall. - Purdue


Fooled Again on 911

Stills from movie 'United 93'.

Still from movie 'Flight 93'.

PSI Logic German 911 Clips


youtube, youtube

Mark Burnback: "The plane had no windows." 

Clip from In Plane Site.



More CGI Videos

CGI = Computer Generated Imagery


A11 Butterplane Demonstration

Diet Mountain Dew commercial


 Alien Horticulture




1st down line (photo)

"A grim sense of humor and digital photo manipulation skills can produce some interesting results these days" -



Bird Strikes

767 Bird Strike


Cessna 172

Cessna 172

Boeing 737

Boeing 737

Mesaba Airlines

PA-28 Warrior

Canadair CL-600

Aztec N13919

Horizon DHC-8

Air Reldan Piper 34

Air Reldan Piper 34

Air Reldan Piper 34


T-44A Pegasus -

(alt source)

Pintail Duck bird strike damage -




Some witness accounts of the 1st crash:

[CBS Special Report @ 2:47.  Time stamp:  8:52]

Bryant Gumbel: It's 8:52 here in New York, I'm Bryant Gumbel.  We understand that there has been a plane crash on the southern tip of Manhattan.  You're looking at the WTC.  We understand that a plane has crashed into the WTC.  We don't know anything more than that. We don't know if it was a commercial aircraft.  We don't know if it was a private aircraft.  We have no idea how many were on board, or what the extent of the injuries are right now.  We are, uh, we have, I understand, an eyewitness on the phone right now.  Sir...

[cuts to commercial briefly]

BG:  ...your name?

Stewart: Yeah, my name is Stewart.

BG:  Sir, where are you right now?

S:  I'm working at a restaurant in Soho.

BG: Alright, so tell us what you saw if you would?

S:  I literally, I was waiting a table and I literally saw a -- it seemed to be like the small plane.  I just heard a couple of noises.  It looked like it bounced off the building and then I heard, uh, I saw a huge like ball of fire on top and then the smoke seemed to simmer down and it just stunned -- you know a lot of smoke was coming out and that's pretty much the extent of what I saw. 

BG:  A private aircraft?

S:  I'm not sure, if it was a -- it just seemed like a smaller plane.  I don't think it was anything commercial.

BG:  Did you, could you tell us whether or not it was a prop, or a jet .

S: I honestly don't know.  It happened too quickly.




Terrorist Attack on United States
Aired September 11, 2001 - 08:48 ET


CAROL LIN, CNN ANCHOR: This just in. You are looking at obviously a very disturbing live shot there. That is the World Trade Center, and have unconfirmed reports this morning that a plane has crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center.

CNN Center right now is just beginning to work on this story, obviously calling our sources and trying to figure out exactly what happened. But clearly, something relatively devastating happening this morning there on the south end of the island Manhattan.

That is, once again, a picture of one of the towers of the World Trade Center.

VINCE CELLINI, CNN ANCHOR: We could see these pictures. It's obviously something devastating that has happened. And again, there are unconfirmed reports that a plane has crashed into one of the towers there. We are efforting more information on the subject as it becomes available to you.

LIN: Right now we've got Sean Murtagh -- he is a CNN producer -- on the telephone.

Sean, what can you tell us what about you know?

[This is, ah, Sean Murtagh. I just was, ah,  standing on the ah -- ah,  vice president of finance -- vice president of finance for CNN. ]

CELLINI: Shaun, we're on the air right now. What you can tell us about the situation?


CELLINI: Yes, Sean, you are on the air right now. Go ahead. What you can tell us?

MURTAGH: I just witnessed a plane that appeared to be cruising at slightly lower-than-normal altitude over New York City, and it appears to have crashed into -- I don't know which tower it is -- but it hit directly in the middle of one of the World Trade Center towers.

LIN: Sean, what kind of plane was it? Was it a small plane, a jet?

MURTAGH: It was a jet. It looked like a two-engine jet, maybe a 737.

LIN: You are talking about a large passenger commercial jet.

MURTAGH: A large passenger commercial jet.

LIN: Where were you when you saw this?

MURTAGH: I am on the 21st floor of 5 Penn Plaza.

LIN: Did it appear that the plane was having any difficulty flying?

MURTAGH: Yes, it did. It was teetering back and forth, wingtip to wingtip, and it looks like it crashed into, probably, 20 stories from the top of the World Trade Center, maybe the 80th to 85th floor. There is smoke billowing out of the World Trade Center.

LIN: Sean, what happened next? Does it appear to you that the plane is still inside the World Trade Center?

MURTAGH: From my angle -- I'm viewing south towards the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center. It looks like it has embedded in the building. I can't see, from my vantage point whether it has come out the other side.

LIN: Did you see any smoke, any flames coming out of engines of that plane?

MURTAGH: No, I did not. The plane just was coming in low, and the wingtips tilted back and forth, and it flattened out. It looks like it hit at a slight angle into the World Trade Center. I can see flames coming out of the side of the building, and smoke continues to billow.

LIN: For our viewers who are just tuning in right now, you are looking at live picture of the World Trade Center tower, where, according to eyewitness Sean Murtagh -- he is the vice president of finance and eyewitness to what he describes as a twin-engine plane -- or possibly a 737 passenger jet -- flying into the World Trade Center. It appears to be still embedded inside the building.

Sean, are you in a position to hear whether any sirens are going, any ambulances, any response to this yet?

MURTAGH: Not from my vantage point. I am probably 1 1/2 to two miles from the World Trade Center.

LIN: Sean , thank you so much for your eyewitness account there.

Right now, we want to go to our affiliate NYW, reporting on this as we speak.

JIM RYAN (ph), WNYW REPORTER: Did you see what happened, sir? Did you see what happened? What happened?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was in the PATH train, and there was a huge explosion sound; everyone came out. A large section of the building had blown out around the 80th floor.

RYAN: Was it hit by something, or was it something inside.


RYAN: It was inside.


CELLINI: Again, you are looking at pictures now. We understand from a CNN vice president, Sean Murtagh, who was an eyewitness to this, that a commercial jet has crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. You can see the smoke billowing out. There are flames billowing out there, a commercial jet crashing into one of these towers. At this point, we do not have official injury updates to bring you. We are only now beginning to put together the pieces of this horrible incident.

LIN: Just a few second ago, we were tuning into one of our affiliates in New York, WNYW.

We want to go to an eyewitness on the telephone right now.

Jeanne, what can you tell us what you saw?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can tell you that I was watching TV, and there was this sonic boom, and the TV went out. And I thought maybe the Concorde was back in service, because I've heard about that sonic boom. And I went to the window -- I live in Battery Park City, right next to the twin towers -- and I looked up, and the side of the World Trade Center exploded. At that point, debris started falling. I couldn't believe what I was watching.

LIN: Jeanne, we are continuing to look at pictures of this devastating scene, according to Sean Murtagh, vice president of finance, who witnessed what he described as a twin-engine plane, possibly a 737. e was almost absolutely sure it was a large passenger jet that went into that.

Jeanne, you are saying you didn't see anything initially. You didn't see a plane approach the building?

YURMAN: I had no idea it was a plane. I just saw the entire top part of the World Trade Center explode. So I turned on the TV when I heard they said it was a plane. It was really strange.

LIN: Were you living in New York during the World Trade Center bombing?

YURMAN: No, I wasn't.

LIN: Fortunately so. When you say a sonic boom, did you feel anything? Were things shaking in your apartment?

YURMAN: Yes, you could feel it. It was a gigantic sonic boom. The TV went off for a second and went back on. And the windows -- you felt the vibrations on the windows.


LIN: ... eyewitness here to a loud sonic boom, she described, as she was sitting inside her apartment, and she looked up and saw the side of the World Trade Center exploded into flames and black smoke.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Winston (ph), can you see -- are you on the north side there where the plane made contact?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now, when you say a huge hole, one of our earliest witnesses, Libby Clark (ph), said not much of the plane came down off the building, much of it went...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, it went totally into the building.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's in the building, from what you can see?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'd say the whole takes about -- It looks like six, seven floors were taken out.


(Some witness accounts of the 2nd crash:)

[Second plane hits South Tower]

And there's more explosions right now -- hold on -- people are running, hold on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We should hold on just a moment. We've got an explosion inside...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The building's exploding right now. You've got people running up the street.

Hold on, I'll tell you what's going on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, just put Winston on pause there for just a moment...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, the whole building exploded some more, the whole top part. The building's still intact, people are running up the street. Am I still connected?

Let's just take some of our pictures from News Chopper 7.

Now, one of our producers said perhaps a second plane was involved
, and let's not even speculate to the point, but at least put it out there that perhaps that may have happened.

The second explosion would certainly back the theory from a couple of eyewitness that the plane fuselage perhaps stayed in those upper buildings.

Now if you look at second building, there are two -- both twin towers now are on fire.

Now, this was not the case, am I correct, a couple of moment ago. This is the second twin tower now on fire. And we're going to check on the second flight, if perhaps that had happened.

This all began at about 8:48 this morning. Again, what we know in case you are just joining us, a small plane, not a Cessna-type or five or six seater, but instead, perhaps a passenger flight ran into the north side of the World Trade Center.

As you can see, the second explosion that you are looking at now in the second twin tower has spread much debris, much more debris than the first explosion of the first accident. If there is -- is Winston still on the line with us?

OK, he's not there.

But do we have -- I'll just talk to my producer. Do we have eyewitness that perhaps sees better than we do from the pictures?

Again you can see that there is debris falling off.

OK, we actually have an "Eyewitness News" reporter, Dr. J. Atlasberg (ph) who was downtown at the time and he is on the phone with us live.

Dr. J., what can you tell us?

DR. J. ATLASBERG (ph), REPORTER: Hello, Steve.

I'm actually uptown at 86th and Riverside. I can see the World Trade Center from about half the building up to the top. And about five minutes ago, as I was watching the smoke, a small plane -- I did -- it looked like a propeller plane, came in from the west. And about 20 or 25 stories below the top of the center, disappeared for a second, and then explode behind a water tower, so I couldn't tell whether it hit the building or not. But it was very visible, that a plane had come in at a low altitude and appeared to crash into the World Trade Center.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dr. J, we're going to take a look at videotape just moment ago of the second plane hitting the World Trade Center.

That is spectacular pictures. I don't know if you could see the plane, and that too was a passenger plane, if perhaps some type of navigating system or some type of electronics would have put two planes into the World Trade Center within it looks like about 18 minutes of each other.

You want to go -- we have another copy. There is the second plane. Another passenger plane hitting the World Trade Center.

These pictures are frightening indeed. These are just minutes between each other. So naturally, you will guess, and you will speculate, and perhaps ask the question: If some type of navigating equipment is awry, the two commuter planes would run into the World Trade Center's at the same time.

Our director -- you are speaking in my ear at this point.

You are looking at live pictures right now of the World Trade Centers.

Again, we now have two passenger planes within 18 minutes of each other smashing into the World Trade Center.

Dr. J., are you still with us on the phone?

ATLASBERG: I'm still with you, Steve.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dr. J, this is just frightening pictures indeed. And I would assume, or you would naturally think that...

LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: You have been listening to some of the coverage provided by affiliate WABC out of New York City.

Let's go now and check our other affiliate WNBC to get the latest -- I'm sorry, WNYW, WNYW, live coverage here of this amazing picture we're getting from lower Manhattan, two planes, one hitting each of the twin towers, at the World Trade Center.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... very difficult too. They come by and they say, what happened, what happened? And you just got to say, something hit the building and then something hit both buildings.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We saw clearly -- we didn't see the first one, but we saw clearly that a plane deliberately crashed into the -- one of the upper floors of the World Trade Center, that was the second plane. So two planes crashed into the upper floors of each of the World Trade Center towers. And I'm just -- I understand now that the Port Authority Headquarters are in one of those buildings somewhere near that location.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jim, I don't know whether we've confirmed that this was an aircraft, or to be more specific, some people said they thought they saw a missile. I don't know how people could differentiate, but we might keep open the possibility that this was a missile attack on these buildings.

Ali (ph), I must say that we have an eyewitness who said it was a large plane that crashed first. And then as we were watching the live picture here in the studio, we saw a plane crash into the -- crash into the other tower of the World Trade Center. And again, let's to be sure, there it is. There it is, the plane went right through the other tower of the World Trade Center.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That is a very hard thing to watch.

HARRIS: These are incredible pictures that we're watching this morning, thanks to our affiliate WNYW in New York.

You are looking at this picture, it is the twin towers of the World Trade Center, both of them being damaged by impacts from planes. We saw one happen at about maybe nine minutes before the top of the hour, and just moment ago, so maybe 18 minutes after the first impact, the second tower was impacted with a -- by a another -- what appeared to be, another passenger plane. In fact, we've got some tape replay of that.

Do we have the tape available right now?

Here is the tape. You see the plane coming in from the east side and it goes into the building with the flames and the smoke billowing out the other side of the tower. It's hard for me to tell exactly which is the north side and which is the south side. But it appears it's coming out of south side there.

Incredible pictures. These happened just moments ago, and I believe we have someone with us on the line, Ira Furman? We have IRA Firmer, former NTSB Spokesman.
You are watching these pictures as well with us, are you not?


HARRIS: What can you make of what we have seen, particularly with this replay we just saw moments ago?

FURMAN: That's absolutely inexplicable. There shouldn't be any aircraft in that area, much less something heading what looked like deliberately for the World Trade Center tower.

HARRIS: You don't think there is any this could be any kind of an accident, no kind of a navigational equipment failure or some sort of a navigational quirk by beacons or whatever?

FURMAN: No, you've got incredibly good visibility at this point, and no pilot is going to be relying on navigational equipment in such a circumstance that would cause them to crash into the World Trade Center.

HARRIS: How far out of way from an approach to either La Guardia or Kennedy would a plane have to be to hit the World Trade Center?

FURMAN: There are approach these come up along the Hudson River, which to the west of the World Trade Center, and those aircraft usually wind up going into La Guardia. So you can come within a mile owe two of the World Trade Center. But it is such a visible object as you are approaching New York City, that it's just not possible for a pilot during the daytime to have taken a course that would put it right into the World Trade Center. The second occurrence within a few minutes is beyond belief.

HARRIS: As you could see, there definitely is no weather problem. So weather would definitely be ruled out as a factor in this case?

FURMAN: Yes, the course is a normal course for commercial pilots coming into New York. It certainly appeared from the video on CNN, that the second aircraft was heading for the tower, and that it was a commercial-size aircraft.

HARRIS: Could you tell, have a better idea what size of plane was? It was kind of hard for me to tell. You are expert in the matters. Could you look at the tape and tell me what size the plane was?

FURMAN: It would have to be slowed down, and you need more than one angle on it, because you want see how many imagine engines are on it? The shape of the tail.

HARRIS: Guys, could we replay the tape right now? Do we have the tape right now of the second plane impacting. We're going to put that tape on in just a second. Here we are about to roll it now.

If you can, sir, I don't want you to speculate. But if you can, give us idea what you might think might be at play here, what kind of plane we're talking about, or at least what size, if we're talking about one that would hold say 100 people, one that would hold 300 people. From what you see -- back the tape up further than that, guys.

Here we go.

FURMAN: It's very hard to get a perspective on it. I don't know how far away we are with this. But that looks to me like it could be certainly a passenger jet and one of those aircraft that could hold 100 or more people. I caution you at this point to wonder whether or not that airplane was occupied by more than just a pilot or crew. We don't necessarily know that there were any passengers aboard that airplane.

HARRIS: Understood, understood.

DARYN KAGAN, CNN ANCHOR: Daryn Kagan joining the conversation here. Sir, but there is no indication there would be any air traffic on purpose in the area of the World Trade Center at this time of day, or any time of day for that matter?

FURMAN: Not directly into the world trade center?

KAGAN: No, but even close to it? you.

FURMAN: You would be clearing the World Trade Center by a few miles. Normal operations. And when you are looking at the pictures that you see, with all this smoke and fire and all of that, it's just absolutely unbelievable to think that a flight crew that wouldn't ordinarily see the World Trade Center, wouldn't ordinarily be on course would not see this as flaming beacon to avoid.

KAGAN: Let me ask you this about the airspace. Given that it appears two airplanes have flown into the World Trade Center in 18 minutes, is it possible to shut down the airspace and keep another plane from doing something just like it?

FURMAN: I don't think that this represents an accident.

And so I don't think that we're talking about having to now keep other aircraft away. This picture that CNN is broadcasting live is probably from a range of a couple of miles away, and you can see that.

KAGAN: No, certainly that. But if there was somebody intentionally trying to do the same thing again, is there a way to shut down the airspace to keep things out?

FURMAN: You can't shut down the airspace. There is no gate, there is not fence in airspace. All you can do is broadcast that that airspace is closed. But if someone is intent on breaking through it, that happens with our military airspace all the time off the coast.

HARRIS: I want to bring up a couple points if I may. We have been told that President Bush has been informed of this incredible tragedy happening in New York. He did have an event scheduled at 9:00 this morning, which we were going to cover here, and he has just canceled that event. We expect he will have some comments fairly soon, and we will bring those to you live the moment that we understand he is available. But I'd like to ask you once again, Ira, if I can get to back asking you about this particular crash. Is it possible that those who are tracking planes, either at La Guardia, can give us some more information about exactly what happened here. Were these planes I guess using beacons to come in, or was there some sort of identification of these planes, as they approach the New York area?

FURMAN: Yes, there should be, if they were under air traffic control. You've got one eyewitness telling you that The first aircraft flew from Westchester and flew down through Manhattan, and directly into the World Trade Center, presumedly the north tower. And now you've got -- you're showing the other aircraft coming in, looks to me like it would be from the West, into the other tower.

Those planes could be, should be, normally would be under air- traffic control. But it is also entirely possible for aircraft to fly into, through or over New York, or in this case into a building in New York, without being under the control, and we use that word advisedly. All that means is information is what air traffic control is. And just operate and do whatever they want, if they don't follow the rules of air traffic control.

HARRIS: Ira Furman, we thank you very, very much for your insight. And the longer we talk, the less convinced many will become that this was an accident. We thank you very much for your insight.

KAGAN: More information on that just ahead.

Now we want to bring in Todd Harris (ph). Todd on the scene, saw what happened.

Todd are you with us?

TODD HARRIS: Yes, I had a perfect view, and the plane was coming in. I noticed it a second before it hit the building. It looked like it was moving slowly, and it lined itself up to hit the building directly.

KAGAN: Are you talking about the first plane or the second plane?

HARRIS: The first plane.

KAGAN: Now, Todd, tell us exactly where you are, where you had this great view.

HARRIS: I was on highway 278, like a dead-on view of the side that hit building.

KAGAN: All right, Todd, hang on, we're going to continue our conversation. Leon has something to jump in here with.

HARRIS: Yes, I'm checking the wires even as we speak. The Associated Press is reporting right now that the FBI in Washington is investigating reports that these two plane crashes the result of foul play. There is a report here by the Associated Press of a possible plane hijacking. They don't say two. But they say a possible plane hijacking.

Let's go to Kelli Arena who's on the phone right now from Washington -- Kelli.

Kelli Arena, are you there? .


HARRIS: What have you learned?

ARENA: Hi there.

Well, an FBI official has told CNN that they are investigating, but they have not yet determined whether or not this was indeed a terrorist act. The official that I spoke to said that so far, there has been no communication, no one claiming responsibility for either of those crashes. There is an investigation under way. If there is anything to be said officially, it will come out of the New York City field office of the FBI, which is right now involved in that investigation to find out whether or not it was.

But I have to tell you, I repeat, right now the FBI has not determined whether or not this is a terrorist act, although they are investigating.

HARRIS: All right, thank you very much. Kelli Arena, we appreciate that.

Daryn, back to you.

KAGAN: All right, let's go ahead and bring back in Todd Harris. Todd, are you still with us?

We don't have Todd.

OK, once again, if you're just joining us, the breaking story that we're following out of New York City. Within the span of 18 minutes, two separate planes crashing into the World Trade Center. The rescue operations under way, not clear -- we will show you -- this is second plane, after first tower already on fire. Let the pictures tell the story. You saw it live here on CNN as it happened the plane crashed right into the side of World Trade Center, causing a huge explosion.

And we're showing you live pictures now. Smoke and fire taking place in both towers of the World Trade Center.

HARRIS: It appears that second plane that we actually did have on videotape actually turned. And I have to think, I'm not an expert in these things, so I don't know, but it would seem as though that move actually may have caused much more damage.

These are incredible pictures, as you can see here.

KAGAN: Let's keep the pictures here. Joe Tractsonburg (ph) joining us on the phone. Joe, are you with us?


KAGAN: Can you tell us what your vantage point is and what you've seen so far?

TRACTSONBURG: Well, I heard on the radio that one of the towers was on fire. And we went to a high point in our building, which is on the 25th floor, and you had a clear view of the both World Trade Centers and the one that was smoking hard, and there was another plane that was flying low, and we just looked at it, and before we know it, it was just kamikaze, boom, right into the other tower, and mass explosion, windows flying. It was horrible. I'm still distraught looking at it.

KAGAN: Were you close enough to see or get a general idea of what kind of plane that was that flew in the second time?

TRACTSONBURG: Well, I'm not an expert on planes, but it didn't seem like a big passenger jet. It was smaller type plane, because it made some pretty radical turn, and flying low. And you're not used to seeing big planes flying over Manhattan, because I don't think you're allowed to. But it was pretty tough.

KAGAN: And explain to me again, what your vantage point is, where you are in the city looking at this?

TRACTSONBURG: We're in Chelsea. It's -- like 25th Street, 7th Avenue, it's clear looking all the way downtown, and you could see the building, you know, the whole downtown, because it's a clear day, and it's a disaster.

KAGAN: And once again, describe for us what you saw as that plane went into the second building.

TRACTSONBURG: That plane just flew straight into the second building on the downtown side it appears. It was just a huge explosion. And smoke just immediately, fire started immediately coming from the second tower as it hit, and there was glass flying everywhere.

KAGAN: Looks like we have a little bit of audio problems. So I'm going to say thanks to Joe Tractsonburg for talking to us and telling us what he saw.

We are watching it right here, live on CNN, as that plane went it. He had a closer vantage point, and as you can see, as you heard, Leon, he doesn't think it was a big jet, but a smaller plane, from where he could see it.

HARRIS: Well, we do have the tape of a recounting by another eyewitness. We want to go to some tape we're getting from our affiliate WABC in New York, where they interviewed an eyewitness who saw the second crash as it happened.

ABC News Special Report

"Planes crash into World Trade Center"
September 11, 2001


(coverage begins 8:53 AM Eastern Time)

CHARLES GIBSON, co-anchor:

Now by the entire ABC Network. "Good Morning America" was in progress in the East Coast and the Midwest, but we're joined by the entire network just to show you some pictures at the foot of New York City. This is at the World Trade Center. Obviously a major fire there. And there has been some sort of explosion. We don't fully know the details. There is one report, as of yet unconfirmed, that a plane has hit the World Trade Center. And you can see that there is smoke there coming out of at least two sides of the building.

DIANE SAWYER, co-anchor: And as you said, there are two towers, the tallest structures in Manhattan--on the island of Manhattan. We're trying to get people on the telephone to see what more we can learn. We have no idea if it was a plane. Was it in any sense deliberate? Was it an accident? It does seem to be that there is considerable and--and truly terrifying damage on some of those floors at the top.

GIBSON: This--this angle is a little deceptive. As you know, there are two Trade Center towers, and the second tower there is hidden behind the first. This is really almost the picture postcard of New York City. It's the--that and the Empire State Building, I guess, are the two most recognizable symbols of New York. There you can see the two--well, we had there just briefly the other angle of the World Trade Center towers. But this is confined to one of the towers on the upper floors. These buildings--I think they're 110 stories each. So this would be in the--in the top 15 or 20 floors there.


We also have Don Dahler on the phone. And you know he's been with us on"Good Morning America" for a long time.

And, Don, where are you and what do you know?

DON DAHLER reporting: I'm about four or five blocks just north of the World Trade Center. And at about 10--I would say 10 minutes ago, 15 minutes ago, there was a loud sound that I can only describe it--it sounded like a missile, not an airplane. Then there was a loud explosion and immediately lots of screaming out on the streets. And I don't want to cause any speculation, but that's the only way I could describe the sound. And it was definitely not the sound of a prop plane or anything like that.

SAWYER: And am I right? Are you a pilot?

DAHLER: Well, I have flown. I do not have a pilot's license, but I--I grew up on military bases. and I know the sounds of jets. And--and I've been in war zones and--and heard those kinds of different sounds. So, again, not to cause any kind of undue speculation but the sound itself was not of a prop plane. It was perhaps a jet. But it could have been a missile as well.

GIBSON: Can you give me--was it--was it a whining sound, Don, or what?

DAHLER: Yes. It was--it was a--how to describe it. It was a high pitch, but it had a--a--a whooshing sound. Not--not like a prop plane.

GIBSON: Huh. And you didn't see anything actually in the air?

DAHLER: No. I wasn't looking out. But we looked out immediately. You can see quite a lot of damage. If it was an airplane, it had to be huge because it hit way up in the World Trade Center. It--I would say it's probably--probably a good 5/6ths of the way up to the top. There's a considerable amounts of flame. There's damage on two sides that I can see. On the very north facing side there's--where it looks like the largest amount of damage--there's a gigantic hole that encompasses a number of floors. I would say, maybe, 10 to 15 floors. And then on the left side, which would be the east side, there's considerable damage as well, and lots of flames and smoke coming out of it.

GIBSON: You know, I--I don't know that people outside New York realize it, but these two buildings are essentially cities in and of themselves. I mean, there's 30 to 40,000 people, if I remember the number--and I'm doing this from memory--number of people who actually work in these buildings. And this obviously occurred at the time that people were coming to work.

SAWYER: Don, are you saying this sound was striking enough that you heard it before you saw anything?

DAHLER: Absolutely. I--I noticed it before the explosion, I noticed a very--a sound like something was very low and shrieking across the sky. And then I heard the explosion.

GIBSON: And which of the two towers is this, because, again, we're just seeing an angle that's a little deceptive.

DAHLER: This is the west tower.


SAWYER: As we've heard before, we said earlier that there was at least one speculative report that an airplane had crashed in, whether deliberately or accidentally we don't know, and there are continuing reports from people who say that--that they saw an airplane, one woman saying that she saw a jet going in.

So, again, Don, a jet screaming that low could be consistent with what you heard?

DAHLER: Absolutely. It could be consistent with what I heard. What I know I did not hear was an airplane, any kind of a prop plane, and I think looking at the damage, I don't think there's any way possible that it would have been a pop--prop plane. It's just too much damage to the building.


SAWYER: We've just got a report that the Associated Press is now reporting that it was an aircraft. So that's one more witness weighing in, or at least one more source weighing in on the fact that it was an aircraft of some kind.

GIBSON: And as Don Dahler reported, this occurred about 15 or 20 minutes ago in downtown New York, and New York time that would have been about 20 minutes or a quarter of 9. This is a time when literally tens of thousands of people are coming to work at the World Trade Center.


GIBSON: Absolutely, no indication that this could have been related to that. Right.

Don Dahler--ABC's Don Dahler, who is on the scene--Don, just give me some description again of what you're--what you can see now.

DAHLER: Well, we see--it appears that there is more and more fire and smoke enveloping the very top of the building, and as fire crews are descending on this area, it--it does not appear that there's any kind of an effort up there yet, now remember--Oh, my God!

SAWYER: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

GIBSON: That looks like a second plane has just hit ...

SAWYER: Terrible!

DAHLER: I didn't see a plane go in. That--that just exploded. I...

GIBSON: We just saw another plane coming in from the side.

DAHLER: You did? I was--that was obscured from my view.

GIBSON: That second explosion, you could see the plane come in just from the right-hand side of the screen, so this looks like it is some sort of a...

SAWYER: Oh, my!

GIBSON: ...concerted effort to attack the World Trade Center that is under way in downtown New York.

SAWYER: We will see that scene again just to make sure we saw what we thought we saw.

GIBSON: We're going to give you a replay of what we just saw, and I--I must admit, I thought it was some sort of fire equipment or some sort of observation plane, but it was obviously designed to attack the World Trade Center. We're going to show you that--here's a replay of the videotape.

(Replay of videotape shown)

GIBSON: In a second, that looks like a good-sized plane, came in and hit the World Trade Center from the other side. So this is obviously, or would seem to be, and again I'm dealing in speculation, but it would seem like there is a concerted attack against one of the towers of the World Trade Center under way.

SAWYER: We had seen a plane coming in from the other direction earlier. I had noticed it. Had you, Charlie? I didn't know if that plane had been circled wide and came back from another direction, but we all watched it, and I just assumed...

GIBSON: Don, could you hear that? Could you hear that plane as it came in?

DAHLER: I did not hear that plane, but I had to step inside the window because the fire crews were so loud--the sirens--that I couldn't hear you.

GIBSON: I got you.

DAHLER: I did see the explosion, but the side of the building that the plane entered was just outside of my view, so all I saw was this huge fireball and the explosion.

GIBSON: Well, the shot that we've got is now just from one side of the World Trade Center, but this is the shot again--this is moments ago of this--of this second plane coming in, and this is now in slow motion.

(Replay of videotape shown)

GIBSON: Ah, this is terrifying--awful.

SAWYER: We watch powerless. It's a horror.

GIBSON: All right, we're going to go back to live coverage now. You're looking at live pictures, and there is the second fire, which was brought about by this second plane that hit the tower, and Don, from everything I can see, it was the same tower that was hit the first time, right?

DAHLER: No, it's the second tower. It is the...

GIBSON: It's the other tower.

DAHLER: It is the other tower that was hit.

GIBSON: My mistake.

DAHLER: They targeted--from your--from what I'm seeing on television, from your view, they are--the two towers are in--one is in front of the other one, but it was definitely the second tower that was hit about halfway down, not quite as high, and from my view here, it does not seem to be as--as big, as much damage as the original. It--I don't know if that means it was not as big a plane or what. I did not see the plane go in, but it's--I mean, it's horrendous damage, but it doesn't seem to be the gaping hole through two sides of the building like on the first one.

SAWYER: Don, from your vantage point, can you see if there are people coming out down below?

DAHLER: I don't--I can't see the bottom of the base of the building.

GIBSON: There's the wider shot of the two towers now. Both towers have been hit by planes now in the last half-hour, and again, I say, we are--we are totally powerless in knowing what's going on here, except that it would obviously appear this is--can't be a coincidence like this. It would, obviously, be some sort of a concerted attack against both towers of the World Trade Center. This is--again, we're going to show for the third time this tape of the--of the airplane flying in and hitting the World Trade Center.

(Replay of videotape shown)

GIBSON: This is slo-mo, slow motion of the plane coming in and hitting the obscured second tower of the World Trade Center, and you can see flames coming out. And I can't see the plane coming down. You know, if it just...

DAHLER: Charlie, that's a commercial size jet. That is--that did not look like...

GIBSON: No, that's a good-sized airplane. That's...

DAHLER: Yeah, that is--that is not a little commuter plane. That was a good-sized jet.

GIBSON: And I can't tell if it actually flew into the building or if it just clipped it with a wing. And if it did, of course, then there's the frightening prospect that the plane would have crashed right on the streets of--very busy streets of New York.


SAWYER: It seems--and this is a small hope--that the fire may have gone out from the first sight. I don't know if we can get the camera in close enough or not. It doesn't mean that the smoke isn't terrifying and deadly.

DAHLER: Diane, I can see from here the orange flames. The fire has not gone out. In fact, it looks as if it's encompassing a part of the building that was not initially a part of the original explosion. I can see it moving over to the left side, which would be the east side of the first side of the building, almost all the way over to the edge. The--the backside is almost totally enveloped in flames that I can see from here.

GIBSON: Yes, it--with that kind of smoke, there's got to be an awful lot of flame in there. And--and I think all of us have thought at one point or another about the fact that these buildings, though they are so majestic as they stand above the skyline of New York, that it's very difficult for emergency workers or firefighters to--to fight these. We have a witness who has called in to speak to us. His name is Karim Arraki.

Mr. Arraki, did you, as I understand, they're telling me in my ear--is it true that you witnessed the first plane hit the tower?

Mr. KARIM ARRAKI (Eyewitness): Yeah.

GIBSON: Could you--could you give me some sort of a description of it?

Mr. ARRAKI: I was sitting in my car here in Greenwich, you know. I just saw the plane was coming down from the left side and going straight to the building, you know, and go inside.

GIBSON: It actually went inside the building?

Mr. ARRAKI: Excuse me?

GIBSON: It went in--it flew right into the building?

Mr. ARRAKI: I saw it come up from the left, and I saw the plane coming through to the building, go inside. A small plane.

GIBSON: You say small plane. Was it a jet?

Mr. ARRAKI: Excuse me?

GIBSON: Was it a jet plane?

Mr. ARRAKI: No, no. It was plane, you know, like they teach the people to pilot plane--small plane, you know. It was that kind of plane.

GIBSON: You mean like a small single or double-engine prop plane?

Mr. ARRAKI: Yeah. Double-engine, yeah, yeah, yeah.

GIBSON: Right. And it actually went into the building there on the upper floors?

Mr. ARRAKI: Yes, going into the building, and I never saw that plane before. It's like something--I don't know, it's like they work with the motors--I never saw a plane like that before! Yeah!

GIBSON: All right.

Mr. ARRAKI: (Unintelligible).

GIBSON: Mr. Arraki, you are down in that area right now, then?

Mr. ARRAKI: Yeah, I'm in Greenwich here on Northmore Street.

GIBSON: Can you--can you tell if there's a large number of fire equipment and--and emergency equipment on the scene?

Mr. ARRAKI: Excuse me?

GIBSON: Can you see fire equipment or emergency equipment on the scene?

Mr. ARRAKI: I don't know. The fire is upstairs on the building and the second plane is--is--all the buildings now.

GIBSON: And did you see the second plane come in?

Mr. ARRAKI: Yeah. I--I saw--yeah, I saw the second plane, it go boom. I--I heard, you know. I just wake up my head like that I saw the side, too.

GIBSON: And that second plane much larger than the first?

Mr. ARRAKI: Same. Same, two both. Both same.

GIBSON: They're both the same?

Mr. ARRAKI: Yeah.

GIBSON: Because the pictures we see, the second plane looks rather large.

Mr. ARRAKI: No, is going inside, too. Is going inside the building, too. And the second hole it's smaller than the other one.

GIBSON: And it actually also penetrated the building? You could see it go in?

Mr. ARRAKI: Yeah, inside. Inside, inside. No planes outside, no planes.

GIBSON: Now, can you see if there are people fleeing the building? We don't have shots yet from street level. Can you see if there are people leaving the building?

Mr. ARRAKI: No, I can't see, because I told you, I'm on Northmore in Greenwich. I just saw up the building, I don't see downstairs.

GIBSON: So you're in Greenwich Village?

Mr. ARRAKI: Yeah. I 'm on Greenwich Street in Northmore.

GIBSON: Oh, I see, on Greenwich Street. OK, I can--no, that's--that's just a local street. For people who don't know New York, that is right in the vicinity right nearby, but not actually on the site of the--of the World Trade Centers.

ABC's Peter Jennings is at the anchor desk uptown here in New York, and is now in position.

Peter, I suspect you are looking at exactly the same pictures. Well, I know you're looking at the same pictures we are.

PETER JENNINGS, co-anchor: We are, Charlie, we've been watching it from the beginning. We--we'll be watching this for much of the day. There is chaos in New York at the moment. There have been not one but two incidents, as Charlie and Diane have so ably reported, so far, the second one coming at 9:03 when television was on live and you could see what was clearly a jet aircraft flying into the second trade tower. Both trade towers, now, these 110-story high towers, have now been hit. There is chaos here. Or there's chaos in the immediate area.

There is confusion in Washington because now everybody is engaged in this. The Pentagon is involved in this, all the intelligence services are engaged in this in the morning, and as we look at those towers, let's just simply keep looking at these towers this morning. And if you have the feed at home--I actually don't have it here, so if somebody could please make sure that I have the photo--pictures of what's going on.



In Washington at the moment, the presumption that this is a terrorist attack, according to ABC's John McWethy, although it's very difficult at the moment for anybody to get a clear indication of what has actually happened because it happened so quickly. The first attack coming just before 9:00 Eastern time, the second attack, which we could all watch, those of us who are watching television, occurring at 9:03, just three minutes.

The president is in Florida and he has already been told of what is happening. These trade towers have always been--have always been, and you may have heard it already this morning, regarded as a prime target for this particular act of terrorism. As you know, there was terrorism at the World Trade Center before; 1993, there was a huge bombing attack on the trade centers. These are the two at the southwestern corner of the island of Manhattan, just prime pieces of real estate of interest to anyone who wishes to hit either New York City or the United States in a very, very visible and vulnerable way.

We have with us at the moment Lindsay Grimm, a witness who was in the building on the phone.

Lindsay, can you hear me?

Ms. LINDSAY GRIMM (Eyewitness): I can hear you.

JENNINGS: Can you tell me what you know?

Ms. GRIMM: Well, I actually, just to clear things up, I wasn't actually in the building. I was in the World Financial Center, which is directly behind it.


Ms. GRIMM: And I was--I was--our part of the building faces the section, the courtyard where the World Trade Center is. We ran to the window right after we--we felt this, kind of this sonic boom, as if it were an earthquake, and something just wasn't right. We ran to the window and somebody yelled, 'Oh, my God, a plane just flew into the World Trade Center.'

JENNINGS: Now, is this what we think of as the first one or the second one?

Ms. GRIMM: I--it was the first one, because I was actually outside for the second one.

JENNINGS: And the first one appears to have gone into the southern tower, am I correct?

Ms. GRIMM: Correct.

JENNINGS: And the second one--did you see the second one?

Ms. GRIMM: I was--I had my back facing. I was running as fast as I--well, not running, but walking at a brisk pace away from the two buildings when I heard it, and people just started screaming and running.


JENNINGS: Anything else that you know that you'd like to add?

Ms. GRIMM: Just as I was coming out of the building, I heard somebody sort of ushering people away and they were saying, 'You guys got to get out of here. It's bombs.'

JENNINGS: Many thanks, Lindsay Grimm, who saw this occurring, at least the first--hesitate to call it an attack--the first incident. We'll continue to call it for now, and very much the second one now. That's what it looks like, both of the towers in--twin trade towers are now on fire. We have no idea whatsoever the measure of casualties inside or the measure of damage inside, though you can only imagine it. The New York City Office of Emergency Management said to us a short while ago they do not know what happened yet.

Want to check in very quickly with the president of the United States. John Cochran with the president in Florida. John:

JOHN COCHRAN reporting: Peter, as you know, the president's down in Florida talking about education. He got out of his hotel suite this morning, was about to leave, reporters saw the White House chief of staff, Andy Card, whisper into his ear. The reporter said to the president, 'Do you know what's going on in New York?' He said he did, and he said he will have something about it later. His first event is about half an hour at an elementary school in Sarasota, Florida.

JENNINGS: Thanks, John. John Cochran with the president. The president's in Florida today pushing his education reform. It will get wiped off of the agenda today in view of this extraordinarily serious accident.

For those of you who don't know, the twin trade towers, and it's a popular destination for tourists when they come to New York City. It has financial offices in it, it has government offices, it has lots of access on the top, above where this accident--actually where this incident actually occurred--where tourists come. It's one of the great views in New York City, and people gather there, certainly at the foot of the building, fairly early in the morning to be able to go and see it. The two collisions, the two incidents have occurred about two thirds of the way up. John Miller, we haven't--(clears throat) excuse me--we haven't had an aircraft fly into a building in New York, as far as I know, since just after the second world war when a...

MILLER: The Empire State Building.

JENNINGS: ...plane flew into the Empire State Building.

MILLER: That's right. A B-52 flew into the Empire State Building then, and this is--this is really the first time there's been anything like that since.

JENNINGS: John, I was listening as you and Chris Isham, one of our investigative unit, wandered up here to the rim just a short while ago, saying, one of you, I think, 'This was something that was waiting to happen.' Who were you talking about? What are you talking about?

MILLER: What we were talking about is, there's been a great frustration since the bombing of the World Trade Center, which the suspects later told federal authorities were intended to take the building down, that it didn't have a larger effect. And US intelligence, FBI people, for years have heard that they've always wanted to try and finish that job off, to take the buildings out, and it was another viable target. Interestingly, ironically, whatever you want to call it, the World Trade Center just hired, two weeks ago, the head of the FBI's national security division for counterterrorism in New York to augment and take over their security, pretty much aware of the level of threat, that this is a symbolic target.

JENNINGS: One of the things that anybody mounting security in the World Trade Center himself will not be able to necessarily appreciate is what has happened at some distance. And there are a couple of reports, speculative at the moment, drifting around, including one on the Associated Press which says the FBI is investigating reports of a plane hijacking just before the World Trade Center actually crashed.

And John McWethy, our national security correspondent, is with us in Washington.

John, what do you know?

JOHN McWETHY reporting: Peter, we do hear that there was a hijacking. It is not clear where that hijacking occurred at this point, but it is one of the many things that US officials are scrambling to try to get a handle on at this point.

JENNINGS: Anything else, John? What happens at the Pentagon at a moment like this? I know everybody springs into action, but what do they do?

McWETHY: What happens is there is a particularly counterterrorism cell within the Joint Chiefs of Staff that goes into an emergency basis at this point. They're investigating all aspects of air traffic in the area, all intelligence that, as they sift through it, may have given them some indication that something was happening. At this point, though, there were no warnings, they say. This morning, as they go back through this information, they may cull through it and find some clue, but at this point, they believe there was no warning.

JENNINGS: Thank you very much, John. Would you please call us back as soon as you have something which would call into question immediately, of course, the notion of counterterrorism in an incident like this. No, nobody who saw--watching "Good Morning America" today, for example, saw, at least those of us working on television, saw a first plane crash into the building. Much of the country watching television this morning will have seen the second plane crash into the other tower, and we have, as you can see from a distance there, until we get our cameras on the ground producing material which we can put on the air, a pretty limited view.

(Footage of second plane crash)


JENNINGS: As we wait to get a better grasp of--of what now becomes a rescue operation of people in the twin trade towers, we're reminded here that the US officials, according to Pentagon sources, have no warnings today of any kind of terrorist attack, and if you listen to the news on a regular basis, you hear the Pentagon warning Americans worldwide of some impending terrorist attack. Here we are in the height of commercial America with--with no warning whatsoever, no intelligence whatsoever, as far as we can tell, at least, in these first couple of hours.



President Bush is, by the way, going to speak very shortly to the nation about this, and then he's going to return to Washington, and we have on the phone our principal aviation analyst and expert, John Nance.

Good morning, John.

JOHN NANCE reporting:

Morning, Peter.

JENNINGS: What would you like to contribute to this, because one knows that it is indeed possible to fly an aircraft into a building if one intends to do so.

NANCE: If one intends to do so, that's correct. And, unfortunately, when you've got something that has been as--as worrisome target as--as the World Trade Center, regardless of the way we hardened it up on the ground, they have apparently--whoever "they" is--picked the one vulnerable area. The thing that is most disturbing to me is not only the fact, of course, that there are people, more than likely, in that building that have been directly affected by this, but that we may have an innocent load of passengers. The flash of that second aircraft across the screen is disturbingly close to what you would call the platform of an Airbus 319 or an Airbus 320. Also of a 767 or something of that nature, and that's a large airplane.

JENNINGS: John, let me go slowly with you because--and we'll actually put it on the screen again, very slowly, so that we can come across the screen. Are you able to identify specifically the type of aircraft by looking at this videotape as it comes across? Can we roll that, please?

NANCE: I'm--I'm watching that right as it comes across the screen, and it--it is more than likely not a Boeing 737. That--that profile, Peter, is very close to an Airbus A320, A319.

JENNINGS: And who flies the Airbus 320, 318?

NANCE: We have quite a few airlines.


NANCE: Very few private ones.

JENNINGS: Yeah. And--and with--and John comports a little bit here with at least these initial reports that the FBI is investigating reports of a hijacking just before the second crash occurred.


JENNINGS: Similarly, John, if you look at the two buildings, it does appear, at least in the northern tower there, or the left tower as you see it on the screen, below the incident, the building at least looks like on the outside reasonably secure and people will have a long, horrendous, terrifying walk down in a darkened building, but at least will be able to get out on the ground.

By the way, Claire Shipman--ABC's Claire Shipman just called in. She's been checking with the FBI. She also says that the FBI had no warning whatsoever.


JENNINGS: Well, it would also suggest, as best you can tell looking at it from this very sort of antiseptic environment that we are all in our newsrooms, is that the reaction has been fairly quick. New York City has an Office of Emergency Management. It's over here on the west side. It's a great bunker from which the city...

MILLER: Ironically, it's located in the World Trade Center complex, although not in the--in the twin towers, right next door.

JENNINGS: Just north--north of the trade towers...

MILLER: Right.

JENNINGS: the World Trade Center, in the other northern trade center there. And on an occasion like this--this is not one they--they absolutely anticipated when they got going--they were talking, very concerned with chemical and biological warfare. They've got extensive plans about that which they very often demonstrate to the press.

Going to interrupt myself and everybody else just a second because one of our senior producers, Mark Obenhaus, is on the phone, and he saw the incident.

Mark, can you hear me?

Mr. MARK OBENHAUS: I do indeed, Peter.

JENNINGS: Go ahead.

Mr. OBENHAUS: Well, I was leaving my house to go to work and I walked down the street to go to the subway. I was at the corner of Franklin and West Broadway, and as I was approaching the subway, a tremendous roar went over my head and--and I looked up immediately, and it was a plane much lower than I've ever seen a plane in lower Manhattan, and it was a large plane. I couldn't identify it as anything specific except that it was a commercial jet certainly. And it--it--my eyes followed it because this is approximately 15 blocks from the World Trade Center, and it--it just slammed right into it and was completely engulfed by the--by the building. It was extraordinary. No--no wings flew off, nothing like that. It just went directly in, creating this sort of cavern-like hole and--and suddenly, then, big, big flames started protruding from it and then, of course, smoke. And--and then debris started just catapulting and, of course, the area that we're in, there's a great deal of foot traffic and people are just approaching and beginning to just gasp at--at just the sight of the building itself, even if they hadn't seen the actual incident, the actual impact, just the sight of this huge building engulfed in flame with this massive, cavernous hole in the side of it.

And we stood there--I can't tell you the amount of time, I would estimate about 15 minutes, and--and, of course, there's all kinds of services coming down, fire department and so forth, and then suddenly, from my vantage point, which would be north of the building, the sec--the far tower suddenly explodes in flames. Yet again, a similar kind of event and, as you now see, I've run down the street to my home where I've had the television on and I saw that that, too, was another airplane. It--from our vantage point you couldn't tell what exactly it was that hit the--hit the--hit the second tower, but it was a similar, seemingly almost bomb blast and with flames and debris protruding wildly from--from the building.

JENNINGS: Mark, let me ask you a couple of more specific questions. You now, confirm for us, I think, that it was the first attack on the tower that you saw.


JENNINGS: What direction was the aircraft coming from?

Mr. OBENHAUS: It was coming from the north.

JENNINGS: It was coming from the north down over Manhattan itself?

Mr. OBENHAUS: Yes. Well, it would have been flying, roughly, over the west side. I'm--I'm on, as I say, west Broadway, which is probably a quarter mile from the river, so it was a direct path north--from the north into the--into the north tower.

JENNINGS: Do you remember whether it had two engines, three engines, or four engines?

Mr. OBENHAUS: I do not. It was very quick. It struck me, you know, the profile--the body of the plane was of such scale that I immediately identified it as a commercial jet. I didn't--I couldn't--it happened so quickly I couldn't tell whether it had windows on the side or what, but it could very well have been some sort of a--a transport plane. But it was a large, large plane, as opposed to, occasionally down here you do see smaller, prop planes or smaller aviation stuff that flies around here sometimes, doing movies and things like that. But in all my years down here, and I've lived down here for about 20 years within walking distance easily of the building, I've never heard anything like this, and that's what--that's why I--I just immediately glanced up, and I just followed the track of this sound and this huge plane that was swooping over my head.

JENNINGS: Could you see any markings on it whatsoever?

Mr. OBENHAUS: No. I did not. It was too--too quick. I--I--I can't give you any kind of identifying help on--on what it was.

JENNINGS: Do you remember what color it was? Was it...

Mr. OBENHAUS: I--my impression was--was that it had a tan coloration to it However, the sun, it was very low in the horizon, and I think kind of orange, and it may have been simply the color of the sun reflecting off a silver exterior. I--I really am not sure of that.

JENNINGS: OK, Mark. Anything else? What's the--what's the--the--what's the mood and the environment down there at the moment, if it's not hard to imagine.

Mr. OBENHAUS: Oh, I can't tell you. In everyone who--who glimpses it close up. It's quite different seeing it from the ground than on the television pictures I'm now looking at. But it's close to you and you--you see what the impact must have been like and you see the kind of devastation that has--has incurred by the--by the buildings. And it's just--it's--it's--frightening is, perhaps even too mild a word.


JENNINGS: Many thanks. Mark Obenhaus, one of our senior producers on the phone, who saw the incident, describes it as a large plane, not sure what the color was, not sure the number of engines it had, which, in his mind--he's a very experienced reporter--reflects the speed and surprise with which this aircraft--this is the first one we're talking about now, just before 9:00--approached the World Trade Towers from the north, causing the first huge gap in the building. And Mark describes the plane being engulfed in some respects by the building. Didn't see wings fall off. Saw it go absolutely, totally, almost as he described it, into the building itself.

And we now have had--one of the enormous difficulties about terrorism, everybody knows, is that you--you almost immediately get a claim of responsibility and you may get several. And people's suspicions get ramped up given the obvious nature of people who they think or know are involved in terrorism around the world.

There has been a claim of responsibility, according to the Reuters News Agency, made to Abu Dahbi Television in the Persian Gulf, from something called the Palestinian DFLP. The Palestinian DFLP is something called the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. It has been for many, many years one of the most militant of the Palestinian organizations. Has been involved in violence before. Has been involved in--in--in other actions before. And it is the first organization to claim responsibility for this, though we have to caution you in all the obvious ways, before the day is over, there may be any number of people who claim responsibility.

The White House, of course, is--is--is--has leapt to the forefront of people's concern this morning. And there is a plane circling the White House at the moment. And they're clearing the grounds there. We have--that's a report which may be misleading in that it may presume an attack where as we just discovered a moment ago that what we had was an additional airplane in New York airspace was a security operation. I think probably most Americans know that there is no building in the country which is--which is heavily defended--I shouldn't say deemed secure--but...(network audio difficulties)...but a battery of anti-aircraft missiles on the top of the White House itself.

We've had incidents, as you know, in the past, several years ago where a small aircraft landed in the White House--in the White House garden and the pilot mentally deranged, as I recall at the time, was killed. But the White House is certainly, certainly been very heavily defended. And this plane circling the White House adds to the trauma that people are feeling today but we have no idea precisely what that means.


CLAIRE SHIPMAN reporting: Well, that's what we're trying to figure out right now. All we know is it's this gigantic plume of smoke coming from behind the old Executive Office Building. And we're told that the White House itself, the West Wing at the very least, is being evacuated. The personnel from there are being asked to leave. We've sent people running over there to try to find out what it is. But we don't know yet.

JENNINGS: Now the old Executive Office Building is to the--slightly to the west and a fraction to the south. So we are looking southwest from a camera just across Lafayette Park which is north of the White House. The White House is to the left side, out of your picture. Maybe even the cameraman could give us some appreciation.

But you have no idea. Was that an explosion? Did you hear anything?

SHIPMAN: We did--we did not hear it. In fact, we were trying to figure out from the White House what security precautions they were taking around the White House in the wake of the apparent attacks on the World Trade Center. And we suddenly just saw this smoke rising from behind the old Executive Office Building. We have people on their way there now but it's like nothing I've ever seen. We've never seen that kind of smoke coming from--from anything that would ordinarily occur here.


JENNINGS: Claire, let me interrupt you for a second. We now have that fire confirmed at the Pentagon. I have John McWethy at the Pentagon.

If you can hear me, John, please get in touch immediately if you can and brief us in--John McWethy has actually been evacuated from the Pentagon. And parts of the Pentagon are, indeed, being evacuated.

Want to hold our breath here, it seems to me, for a second and--and--and--and--and not get into a mode that the country is under attack. But we now have two attacks on the twin trade towers center, US buildings, city buildings completely evacuated in New York City. We have this mysterious black smoke at the southwest corner of the White House which is to say there's something going on behind the old Executive Office Building. We now have a report that fire has been confirmed at the Pentagon. ABC's John McWethy, our Pentagon correspondent who's been plugging in as quickly to the intelligence and counterintelligence units there this morning, has been temporarily evacuated. But that is as much as we know for sure at the moment.


JENNINGS: OK. We do know--or at least the Associated Press is now reporting that an aircraft crashed near the Pentagon. And the West Wing of the White House, as Claire Shipman told us, was evacuated amid these threats of terrorism.


BLAKEMORE: I'm down at 12th Street. It looks like we're more than a mile north of this very surrealistic sight. Business has completely come to a stop here. Looks like through lower Manhattan people standing in the streets, cell phones aren't working. A few of these phone booths, such as the one I'm talking to you from now, are working. One man just shaking his head said to me a few moments ago, 'I was supposed to be at a meeting in the building at 10:30 this morning. And then I saw the second plane hit the tower and this flash of light.'


JENNINGS: OK, Bill, talk to as many people as you can. Call us back when you can.

Let's return to Washington visually, at the moment. Just take a look at that picture. That smoke behind the Executive Office Building, which is right next to the White House, we now believe is from a fire in the courtyard of the Pentagon, or at least where an aircraft appeared to have crashed in the general vicinity of the Pentagon. Now the Pentagon is southwest from the White House, across the Potomac River, and what we think we may be seeing there--emphasis on think--is smoke in the distance, rather than immediately behind the Pentagon.


The Pentagon is, indeed, exactly what it's described. Just on the other side of the Potomac River from--from the Capitol, and there you see fires burning in the courtyard of the--the Pentagon confirming what we had--what we've been told almost immediately by eyewitnesses. We've also been told it was a plane crash. So our--our belief for the moment is an aircraft has crashed into either the courtyard itself or into that particular side of the building. Parts of the Pentagon have been confirmed--you can hear it. Just listen.


JENNINGS: As we look at the Pentagon, again we have to say that sometimes the camera and the eye don't see precisely what is happening. We have now had eyewitness reports from--our sources on Washington say they did see a plane crash in the vicinity of the Pentagon. We're looking at it from the western--from the Washington end which would be to the east of the Pentagon, slightly to the north east of the Pentagon itself. And it looks very much as if there is fire in the courtyard itself--in that central courtyard. But you can see a small plume of smoke on the--on the northern side of the building as well. At least, I think it's the no--yes, it is. The northern side of the building as well, and we're not absolutely certain.


JENNINGS: Let's go to the trade towers again because, John, we now have a--what do we have? We don't...

MILLER: It looks like a new plume--a new large plume of smoke.

JENNINGS: Well, it may be that something fell off the building. It may be that something has fall--yet we don't know, to be perfectly honest. But that is what you're looking at, the current--that's the scene at this moment at the World Trade Center.


DAHLER: Yes, Peter. Don Dahler. I'm four blocks north of the World Trade Center. The second building that was hit by the plane has just completely collapsed. The entire building has just collapsed, as if a demolition team set off--when you see the old demolitions of these old buildings. It folded down on itself, and it's not there any more.

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